Thyrfing Return After Eight Years With Brand New Album ‘Vanagandr’



The epic new album out August 27th, 2021
Despotz Records


After eight years in the wilderness Swedish Viking/Pagan metal kings Thyrfing return with their brand-new album ‘Vanagandr’. Boasting the singles ‘Döp dem i eld’, ‘Jordafärd’, and ‘Järnhand’, Thyrfing have crafted an album every bit as epic as their rich heritage would suggest. Balancing brutality with melody, blast beats with groove, ‘Vanagandr’ is an album as grandiose as it is vicious, and Thyrfing are a band like no other.
‘Vanagandr’ was co-recorded and co-produced by Jakob Herrmann (In Flames, Machine Head, Evergrey) at Top Floor Studios, Gothenburg,  with the renowned Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, U.D.O., Katatonia) looking after the mix and mastering. The art concept for Vanagandr’ was executed perfectly by  Niklas Sundin of Cabin Fever Media (ex-Dark Tranquillity)  who reconnects with the band once again (he also did the ”Vansinnesvisor” album back in 2002).

Thyrfing emerged from the ever-growing underground scene in Sweden back in 1995. After seven full-length albums and numerous live performances all over the world, the band have gained a strong following over the years and an exquisite standing within the metal scene. They are considered one of the top bands within the so-called Viking/pagan metal genre – but in reality, Thyrfing are so much more with their truly outstanding and self-contained musical offerings.

The name of the band is taken from the sword “Tyrfing” in Norse mythology – a cursed blade that appears in several tales and myths. Ever since the start, the mythology has played a huge part in the scenery and imagery of the band’s music and lyrics,  something which is still intact in 2021.

Despite there being no new studio recordings since 2013’s acclaimed ‘De ödeslösa’, Sweden’s Thyrfing have remained active on the tour circuit with appearances at the likes of Wacken Open AirSummer Breeze and Sweden Rock Festival, amongst many other shows. The lure of creating new music always remained however, and starting back in 2015, plans were made for what would become ‘Vanagandr’, the band’s eighth release.

Jens Rydén – vocals / Patrik Lindgren – guitars / Fredrik Hernborg – guitars /
Joakim Kristensson – bass & keyboards / Dennis Ekdahl – drums

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