Thy Art Is Murder - Human Target - Album Review
Thy Art Is Murder - Human Target - Album Review10
Thy Art Is Murder - Human Target - Album Review10
Thy Art Is Murder - Human Target - Album Review10
Thy Art Is Murder - Human Target - Album Review10
Thy Art Is Murder - Human Target - Album Review10
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This Australian colossus that has provided 4 previous unrelenting, brutal and utterly destructive albums are back, with their fifth outing now welcoming Jesse Beahler (Rings of Saturn and Jungle Rot) behind the drum kit to be the beat creating a force that the band build their huge and aggressive sounds on top of.

Having played to the likes of Download Festival, Graspop, Hellfest and Summer Breeze along with touring along with Killswitch Engage and Parkway Drive, Thy Art Is Murder boast the honour of charting higher than any other Australian extreme band in their homeland and quite rightly. They unite fans of different niches within the Metal genre and Human Target is only going to increase the momentum they already boast.

Using current real-world issues as the subject matter, this five-pronged attack waste no time as the opening track starts with down-tuned, sinister-sounding chugs that are scorched by the extreme vocal and the drum begins is outrageous pounding as the blackened sounds worm their way through this brutal sound that leads to a breakdown that starts the stomp as we are welcomed to the new album.

Don’t expect a reprieve from this however as ‘New Gods’ kicks in providing an insight into the role of social media within the ongoing issues surrounding Mental Health that seems prevalent at the moment. This is an aggressive and emotional track that before you know you are screaming along, releasing some pent-up aggression whilst also opening the eyes of some.

The appeal of this album only grows as ‘Death Squad Anthem’ provides a raging yet catchy opportunity to truly let go, get windmilling, spin kicking, whatever you want as this beast smashes you square in the temple.

Providing a twist on the Trump slogan, ‘Make America Hate Again’ is an assault the government and politics in general, with punishing riffs, a pace that pushes thrash levels and a sound that makes you stand up against the regimes that are so out of touch with reality, this is an effective and aggressive call to arms. If you take a moment you also realise at this point, you are completely consumed by the album and we are only 4 tracks deep, with 6 to go.

The breakneck pace doesn’t slow and the brutality does let up as this powerfully loud and brash album smashes along its 40 minute duration leaving nothing but ashes in its wake and by the time ‘Chemical Christ’ closes the album with its subject of addiction, you will soon realise that Human Target has infiltrated you and you are now addicted to the album.

This is up there with the best releases of the year and will get you stomping, knuckle-dragging and throwing down like you never knew possible and I cannot wait to hear some of these tracks at Bloodstock Festival.

Human Target is released 26th July 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records


Ed Ford


Track List

  1. Human Target
  2. New Gods
  3. Death Squad Anthem
  4. Make America Hate Again
  5. Eternal Suffering
  6. Welcome Oblivion
  7. Atonement
  8. Voyeurs Into Death
  9. Eye For An Eye
  10. Chemical Christ


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