Thundermother’s Emlee Talks World Domination & Aces High With Rock ‘N’ Load

So for anyone unfamiliar with the magic of Thundermother, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here.

EMLEE: Thundermother is all about Rock n Roll, we live and breathe it!

Inspired by AC/DC, our guitarist Filippa founded the band in 2010. After a few line up changes me and our singer Guernica Mancini joined in 2017, and two years later Majsan Lindberg on bass. It has been a great adventure from the start with being non-stop on tour everywhere. We are taking over the world and we will never stop! 

What’s Happening Now: Tell us about what you are currently up to.

EMLEE: The band is currently stuck at home, because of COVID-19. We had a lot of touring planned this year that sadly now won’t happen. We try our best to make use of this time, we prepare for our album release in the end of July and we do all the live stream shows we can. Our coming album ´Heat Wave´ is something we are extremely proud of and excited to spread all over the world. And as soon as we can hit the road again, we will be more than ready!

What is next for you? 

EMLEE: World dominance! It’s time for an all-female classic rock band to take place among the other great bands on the top 😉

Give Us A Feel For Your Influences & Inspiration Emlee

EMLEE: Iron Maiden has been my house gods since I was 15 years old, and it was around that time I started dreaming of a music career. The first song I heard with them was ”Aces High” and it totally blew me away, high energy and catchy melodies. And it has been my goal to play on huge stages ever since i saw them live. I met Iron Maiden bass player Steve Harris backstage two years ago when we played at the same festival, and that was of course a very big mile stone for me!

Thundermother from Stockholm are the breathing and living embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll. Founded  by guitar-heroine Filippa Nässil, the band started their steep rise on the international stage after singer extraordinaire, Guernica Mancini, joined two years ago. With her blues-soaked voice that has invited comparison to several classic queens of rock music, these Swedish ladies have hit the jackpot. Driven by the hard-hitting pounding of drummer Emlee Johansson, these heavy rocking girls are sticking it to anyone claiming that rock ‘n’ roll is a male domain. Front woman Guernica Mancini states: “On stage we are musicians – no matter if man or woman.

Touring relentlessly and with three albums under their belt, Thundermother are currently gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated fourth album, ‘Heat Wave’ which will be released on 31st July on AFM Records.


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