ThunderMother // Heat Wave // Album Review

ThunderMother releases their fourth album Heat Wave on the 31st of July and it is a banger. Thirteen tracks that are fast, heavy and hard-hitting with an AC/DC sound and Motörhead attitude. The raucous ride kicks off with “Loud And Alive”, a real foot-stomping headbanger with a killer drum beat and ripper riff that will blow your socks off while Mancini on vocals absolutely kills it. “Dog From Hell” has a serious AC/DC vibe but these ladies take it up a notch with real power in the drumming and guitars that would give the Young’s a run for their money, again Mancini showcases her undeniable vocal talents, an absolute cracker. “Back In 76” has a gritty grinding feel with chugging riffs and drums, it rocks big time. “Into The Mud” is a heavy fast track an lá Motörhead, blasting drums, mad riffs, and real meaty bass, the epitome of these ladies, brash and in your face. The best song in the album hands down.

Title track “Heat Wave” brings the rock slowly with a snare drum and tidy riff before the volume goes to 10 as the riffs get thicker and the drums kick it up a notch as it hits a real catchy chorus, straight out of the chorus the roller coaster starts again going from 0-100 in the blink of an eye, a real rocker with an excellent solo. “Sleep” is your obligatory slow track with a nice orchestral backdrop that compliments the guitar and easy paced drumming. “Driving In Style” kicks the pace and power back up with a bang. Pounding drums, cool riffs, and a thick bass line are the order of the day as Mancini tears it up with her seriously powerful vocals, a killer solo rounds of the track nicely. “Free Ourselves” leaves you in no doubt as to who their main influence is, licks that would have Young’s drooling and vocals that would give Brian Johnson as good as he gets a brilliant track. “Mexico” is a bluesy rocker that packs a punch with funky riffs, bass, and pounding drums that keep the track running nicely, throwing in a cool solo and you have one hell of a track.

“Purple Sky” has a seventies vibe to it, groovy guitars with subdued drums that makes you feel like you’re in a haze, a super catchy chorus that will have you singing along to it in no time, a nice change of pace. “Ghosts” is packed with thick riffs, heavy drums with a deep bass line in the background that adds a little extra kick to a great track and Mancini’s cracking vocals. “Somebody Love Me” is a power-packed rocker, straight up and in your face with a drumbeat that will have you banging your head and stomping your feet. Mancini’s gravelly vocals come to the fore here again as Nässil rips on the guitar with a sassy solo, killer track. “Bad Habits” closes the album the way it started, Loud And Alive. A snappy drum beat with a chugging riff that defies you to stay still as it washes over you. A great way to finish off a really solid album.

Heat Wave is available everywhere this Friday Via AFM Records





01 – Loud And Alive
02 – Dog From Hell
03 – Back In ‘76
04 – Into The Mud
05 – Heat Wave
06 – Sleep
07 – Driving In Style
08 – Free Ourselves
09 – Mexico
10 – Purple Sky
11 – Ghosts
12 – Somebody Love Me
13 – Bad Habits


ThunderMother are

Filippa Nässil           Guitar

Guernica Mancini    Vocals

Majsan Lindberg      Bass

Emlee Johansson    Drums



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