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Brit prog rockers Threshold are set to release their new offering “Dividing Lines” on the 18th of November and it’ll come as no surprise that this is outstanding.

Each of the ten tracks is crafted to give the listener the ultimate sonic experience bringing together all the elements of classic rock with stunning progressive stylings. “Haunted” kicks it all off with a great riff and drum beat and while the song is very melodic and extremely catchy, down to Glynn Morgans vocals that are unreal, there is a real heavy feel to it in the form of grinding riffs and thumping drums, as openers go this is excellent and this is only the tip of the iceberg. The following couple of tracks will blow your mind, starting out with “Hall Of Echoes” a power metal style track that has a serious anthemic feel, the soaring verse’ and chorus’ will have you instantly hooked; coupled with some great guitar and keyboard interplay that is simply amazing. A cool keyboard intro to “Let It Burn” belies what is in store in the shape of a galloping riff-driven track with a kicking bass line, Morgan lays a marker down with his vocals here as Karl Groom puts on a masterclass in guitar play, the whole setup on this song makes it one of the standout tracks on the album, it is perfection personified.

“Silenced” gets its prog on big time with android-esque vocals opening the track that burst into life with a thundering drum beat and heavy riff, there is a funky keyboard riff that runs through the track that adds an atmospheric twist, one of the best things about these guys is their ability to disguise the heaviness in the tracks and it is only on repeat listens that you actually feel the full effect and this track is a prime example of that, it’s pure brilliance. For anyone who is still on the fence “The Domino Effect” should leave you in no doubt about this band or any of their music, it is a little over eleven minutes long but it most certainly does not feel like it; a soft easy intro drops into a fast heavy beat with a symphonic backup, Morgan eases into his vocal stride quickly and leads you on a merry dance through the track, the opening section is a real toe tapper it is so infectious it is unbelievable, the track builds to a crescendo before it heads off on a melodic break that includes an epic solo from Groom, the backend of the track has a more synth side to it with some great interplay between Groom and West, the intricate keyboard and guitar solos are fantastic and a real highlight to one of the best songs on the album. “Complex” is a little heavier than previous tracks, with meaty riffs, a kicking drum and bass beat with a quirky keyboard riff that runs throughout, Morgan drops the range a little to give a more urgent tone but at the chorus, he takes it up a notch, once again the guitar keyboard combination works an absolute treat taking the track to the next level. “King Of Nothing” is built off an unrelenting drum beat backed up by heavy bass and crushing guitars, Morgan’s melodic vocals temper the heaviness of the track, another monster track. The rhythm these guys have is unreal and incredibly infectious as you will hear in “Lost Along The Way”, it will have the head nodding and toe tapping right from the off, with its soft melodic verses, rousing chorus’; understated drumming, buzzing bass and groovy riffs on both the guitar and keyboard will mesmerize you, a stunning track. “Run” has a distressed feel to it with the pleading vocals of Morgan and the down-tuned tones of the music, there is a frantic crescendo at the backend of the track culminating in another brilliant solo from Groom. The album closes with “Defence Condition” a ten-minute plus opus that encapsulates everything the band is about, it’s heavy, it’s fast, it’s melodic, it’s slow, and just about everything in between, a true testament to the undoubted ability of the band as a whole.

This is a masterpiece and most definitely one of the albums of the year, do not miss it!


Dividing Lines is released on November 18th, courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records.

Review: Conor O’Hanlon




01. Haunted 5:05
02. Hall of Echoes 6:17
03. Let It Burn 6:49
04. Silenced 4:36
05. The Domino Effect 11:03 06. Complex 5:49
07. King of Nothing 5:07
08. Lost Along the Way 5:20 09. Run 3:59
10. Defence Condition 10:42



Threshold are:

Glynn Morgan Vocals, rhythm guitar

Karl Groom Lead guitar

Richard West Keyboard

Steve Anderson Bass

Johanne James Drums

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