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Listen to Prisoner here

After focussing on themselves as a solid team and choosing to part ways with their former label Marshall Records, London’s Thousand Thoughts are back with their highly anticipated new single Prisoner, out today.

While the band had a lot more in common with the Alt-Rock scene in the past, finding confidence in their own sound has allowed them to take a more aggressive stance. Thousand Thoughts consists of Ethan Lewis (vocals), Tom Caine (guitar), Will Fox (guitar) and Adam Field (drums).

About the new single, Ethan says: “I wrote Prisoner 6 years ago as part of my college coursework only to realise I’d written one too many tracks, resulting in removing it from that EP and keeping it on a hard-drive for years”. Now, with Prisoner seeing the light of day, he continues “The entire song is very straight to the point in my self-hatred, with description of the torture I put myself and my body through. When we came back to this song recently for development, I found a few of the lyrics to be a bit too blunt and dark so chose to tweak them in a few areas”.

‘Prisoner’ by far takes on a deeper and darker sense than what fans might know of the band, as Ethan explains: “Usually our tracks contain a huge sense of desperation whether towards myself or the ones around me, however this time round I’d say there’s a major element of giving up on myself. Almost like taking the loss and saying, “it is what it is”.


Thousand Thoughts will be playing their first shows in Germany at the end of June.

Tickets available here.

Tour dates:

28.06.2022 – MTC – Cologne, Germany

29.06.2022 – Privatclub – Berlin, Germany

30.06.2022 – Backstage Club – Munich, Germany


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