THOU Premiere ‘Wheels Of Confusion’ Taken From “Vol. 4 [Redux]”

‘Wheels of Confusion’
taken from
“Vol. 4 [Redux]”

THOU ‘Wheels of Confusion’ taken from the album “Vol. 4 [Redux]”
THOU have premiered the Black Sabbath cover track ‘Wheels of Confusion’ as the fifth and final digital single taken from the forthcoming MER Redux series installment “Vol. 4 [Redux]”. More information about this album can be found below.

‘Wheels of Confusion’ is now available via YouTube for immediate publication:

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THOU comment: “I really got into Black Sabbath through digging in my parents’ record collection when I was about 13 years old”, tells guitarist Andy Gibbs. “My dad had the s/t record and a sealed copy of ‘Master of Reality’ that he got for free through one of those Columbia House type deals (he wasn’t really a fan). It was early winter and I remember the weather being really dreary, very apropos of the music. I didn’t come to ‘Vol. 4’ until much later when I did a deep dive through the entire catalog, and ‘Wheels Of Confusion’ always stood out to me. The opening sequence is just much more emotive than most of the album; there’s a lot more depth in the song lyrically than some of the others too. My neighborhood bar in Baton Rouge had ‘Vol. 4’ on the jukebox and I would play ‘Wheels’, ‘Snowblind’, and ‘Tomorrow’s Dream’ basically every time I went in there. I think I was most excited about making that first section of ‘Wheels of Confusion’ really heavy. The Sabbath version doesn’t have a rhythm guitar track, and Iommi is playing that lead, so I thought that was a good chance to really lay into those root notes and pull all of the weight and emotion that we could out of the chord progression. Playing that lead part over those chords is just an incredible experience for me; so much feeling for so few notes. Overall, though, translating the song was a bit of a challenge. There’s a lot of live studio ‘on the fly’ stuff happening, some fairly sloppy playing, and the transitions are just really weird overall. Somehow it all works though. I hope we were able to do it justice.”

THOU formed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2005 and have released 5 studio albums. The US-band has been described as playing experimental doom, stoner metal, and sludge metal. To this list, Revolver just added “sludge-punk experimentalist” – probably in reference to the band’s DIY ethics and anarchistic style of lyrics. THOU‘s 2014 full-length “Heathen” was hailed as “metal album of the year” by Pitchfork.

THOU by Thou
1. THOU – Wheels of Confusion
2. THE OBSESSED – Tomorrow’s Dream
3. HIGH REEPER – Changes
5. SPIRIT ADRIFT – Supernaut
6. GREEN LUNG – Snowblind
7. WHORES – Cornucopia
8. TONY REED – Laguna Sunrise
9. HAUNT – St. Vitus Dance
10. ZAKK SABBATH – Under the Sun
Vol. 4 [Redux] album cover
Magnetic Eye bows at the Birmingham altar to celebrate BLACK SABBATH’s 50th anniversary with an offering of an end-to-end re-imagining of “Vol. 4”, which still remains as one of the most acclaimed albums in the canon of these godfathers of heavy metal.

A pantheon of metal and doom heavyweights, including some of metal’s most famously SABBATH-inspired icons, pay homage to “Vol. 4”, which witnessed the masters expanding their minds over their weighty foundation.

“Vol. 4 [Redux]” features stunning takes on each song from that indisputable classic, which includes unique tributes among others by ZAKK SABBATH, MATT PIKE, THE OBSESSED, HAUNT, THOU, and SPIRIT ADRIFT.

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Available formats
► Digisleeve CD
► Limited edition white/purple marble vinyl
► Limited edition yellow vinyl
► Worldwide edition black vinyl

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