Those Damn Crows // Point Of No Return // Album Review
Those Damn Crows // Point Of No Return // Album Review 10
Those Damn Crows // Point Of No Return // Album Review 10
Those Damn Crows // Point Of No Return // Album Review 10
Those Damn Crows // Point Of No Return // Album Review 10
Those Damn Crows // Point Of No Return // Album Review 10
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The hotly anticipated second album from Those Damn Crows drops on the 7th of Feb and it is an absolute banger, thirteen quality tracks that encapsulate all that is good about rock n roll. The touchpaper is lit from the first strains of “Who Did It”, a track with a massive sound, insanely catchy hooks and choruses, an instant classic. “Set In Stone” kick the tempo up a notch with cool riffs that mesmerize and a backbeat that will have the masses headbanging all day long.

“Sin On Skin” builds slowly into a monster track from a quiet opening to a proper rocker. The drums are amazing on this track and set the platform for the guitars and vocals to bring it to the next level. “Be You” grabs you right from the off, another track that is just unnaturally catchy, with great harmonies and classy riffs it’s not hard to imagine arenas packed to the gills rocking out to this anthemic track. “Never Win” slows the pace down, a powerful piano-led ballad with Shane Greenhall’s vocals that will raise the hair on the back of your neck, truly brilliant. “Send The Reaper” is a straight-up rocker that will have you throwing your fists in the air and doing your best Beavis and Butthead impression as you rock out to the cool riffs and pounding drums. “Kingdom Of Dust” has a chugging riff with a thick bass line running alongside it to give it a real kick and hooks that are catchy as fuck, one of the best tracks on the album.

“Going Down” is a balls-out cracker that will have you jumping about right from the get-go. “Long Time Dead” is a bass-driven track and it is amazing, you can really feel it coming through the speakers, paired with crashing drums it just takes things to another level a track that you will find hard to ignore. “King Of Second Chances” has a heavier, edgier feel with a kicking beat that makes it impossible to resist this is the essence of Rock n Roll. “Go Get It” has a gnarly riff that starts things off before the song switches up with a more melodic feel with some great vocals and that riff consistently in the background just burrowing that little deeper to keep you hooked, a great track. “Hey Man(Look At Me Now)” is a two-fingered rocker that can only be aimed at early detractors judging by the lyrics, fast and furious you will be banging your head and stomping your feet from the get-go. The album closes much the same way as it opened, in your face with a ripper track “Devil In My Pocket” it’s a million miles an hour with pounding drums, great riffs, and a nice humming bass everything you need and more and it will leave you wanting much more from these guys.

As an album on its own this is hard to beat, considering that this is only their second one makes it that much more impressive, it sounds and feels like these guys are on album number ten they are so tight and the production is second to none. To be quite honest it leaves a lot of the so-called “Bigger Bands” in the shade. Quite possibly one of the albums of the year!

Point Of No Return is out 7th Feb Via Earache Records, don’t miss it!




Those Damn Crows are:

Shane Greenhall Vocals

Ian Thomas Guitar

Ronnie Huxford Drums

David Winchurch Guitar

Lloyd Wood Bass



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