THOREN: Instrumental Dissonance-focused Progressive Death Metal Project
(Ft. Imperial Triumphant drummer Kenny Growhoski + ex-Pyrrhon/live Malignancy drummer Alex Cohen) To Release Gwarth II Full-Length on February 7th via Drylands Records.
Launch Teaser Video, Unveil Album Artwork, & Further Album Information Details.
Detroit-based instrumental progressive death metal project Thoren, featuring current and former members of Imperial Triumphant and Pyrrhon, are proud to announce the release of their third full-length album, Gwarth II. The album is set for release on Friday, February 7th via Drylands Records. It is the follow up toGwarth I, which was released in November of 2018. Gwarth II finishes out the culmination of several years spent crafting and recording 19 new songs of uncompromising darkness and instrumental mastery split up into an epic two-part album experience.

While the core members are guitarist and main songwriter Anthony Lipari alongside bassist Joseph Paquette, Gwarth II marks the second Thoren effort where drum duties were split between ex-Pyrrhon and live for Malignancy drummer Alex Cohen plus Imperial Triumphant and Secret Chief 3 drummer Kenny Grohowski. Splitting drum duties on different songs depending on where their unique styles fit best, made even more special due to how revered each drummer is in the world of extreme drumming.

The music on Gwarth II continues down the group’s established path of advanced musicianship and near-impenetrable compositions colliding towards a fresh new sound few if any are doing similar to. Combining unorthodox sonic exploration, uncompromising extremity, and unnerving dissonance into a brilliant sensory overload that is forward-thinking metal music worthy of your time and attention.

Chaotic yet meticulously arranged, Gwarth II is instrumental metal for the progressive metal, dissonant black metal, and progressive death metal crowd specifically. This is music that pushes extremity to a new threshold while never doing so without a defined purpose behind the seeming madness at every twist and turn. The album is strongly recommended for fans of Blotted Science, Behold The Arctopus, Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Meshuggah, Deathspell Omega, Martyr, Defeated Sanity, and fans of classical composer Krzysztof Penderecki.

**You can listen to an extended early teaser video for Thoren – Gwarth II HERE 

**Stay tuned for more Thoren news, early singles, pre-orders, and promos for reviewers launching in the coming weeks.

Thoren – Gwarth II Tracklist
1. Gwarth
2. Naeg
3. Thaw Gur
4. Vex
5. Gorthad
6. Raun Raeg
7. Egladhrim
8. Lithui
9. Suith
10. Firen

Thoren – Gwarth II Line-Up
Anthony Lipari – Guitars (Evilyn, Vihaan)
Joseph Paquette – Bass (Evilyn)
Alex Cohen –  Drums  (Live for Malignancy, ex-Pyrrhon, Involuntary Convulsion, etc.)
Kenny Grohowski – Drums (Imperial Triumphant, Secret Chiefs 3, etc.)

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