This Week With SummerStage Anywhere – Latin Freestyle Trio TKA

Capital One City Parks Foundation
SummerStage Anywhere Digital Series
Shows Week of October 18-24
Plus an encore performance of
Rodrigo y Gabriela and The Mavericks
OCTOBER 19, 2020 – NEW YORK, NY – Capital One City Parks Foundation SummerStage Anywhere continues its live stream series this week with an encore performance of the Amazon Music series episode of guitar rock duo Rodrigo y Gabriela with Latin rock band The Mavericks on October 21. SummerStage Anywhere will also continue their new 4 episode series sponsored by AARP New York with freestyle trio TKA on October 22. For all performances tune into SummerStage Facebook, YouTube, Instagramand Twitch channels. In addition, TKA’s performance will be featured on the AARP New York’s Facebookchannel accompanied by a live chat with the artists.
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●Wednesday, October 21st: SummerStage Anywhere Encore Performance (SummerStage YouTube,SummerStage Facebook, SummerStage Instagram) at 7:00PM ET: A special performance from Mexico City in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month by Rodrigo y Gabriela and The Mavericks. Rodrigo y Gabrielawill perform from a custom built set just for SummerStage Anywhere. They are a Grammy-award winning acclaimed guitar virtuosos whose music is influenced by a number of genres including nuevo flamenco, rock, and heavy metal with the duo’s recordings consist largely of instrumental duets on the flamenco guitar. They have toured internationally and performed at The White House for President Barack Obama. In January 2020, their fifth studio album Mettavolution won a Grammy Award for the ‘Best Contemporary Instrumental Album’ at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. The Mavericks are an eclectic rock and country group known for crisscrossing musical boundaries with abandon, has gone through three distinct phases since it was founded in Miami in 1989. An initial period of heady success marked by big hits and critical acclaim in the ‘90s. A long hiatus starting 2003 when the musicians each went their own way. And finally, a triumphant reunion in 2012 which held long enough for them to recently celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary. Now, The Mavericks are releasing a new album that ushers in the fourth phase of their evolution.
Thursday, October 22nd: SummerStage Anywhere Livestream Series Sponsored by AARP New York (SummerStage YouTube, SummerStage Facebook,SummerStage Instagram,SummerStage Twitch, AARP New York Facebook) at 5:00PM ET: Latin freestyle trio, TKA. After their performance, TKA will be interviewed by Johnny Picoso from Sirius XM. TKA is a representation of the initials of Tony Ortiz, Louis “Kayel” Sharpe and Angel “Love” Vasquez, three New York City born and bred freestyle pioneers of Puerto Rican descent. They were originally discovered while singing at a sweet sixteen party, and signed to the Tommy Boy Records label. Their first single together, “One Way Love,” was a huge hit in NYC’s Latin club circuit, as well as in Chicago and Miami. The style kept flowing freely with their next hit single “Come Get My Love.” Both of these tracks were featured on their debut record, 1987’s Scars of Love, along with “Tears May Fall,” “X-Ray Vision,” “Don’t Be Afraid” and the title track. Spreading their reach to an even broader audience, their single “You Are the One” was part soundtrack of the 1989 film Lean On Me, and reached #91 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1990, TKA moved in a different stylistic direction, with their album Louder Than Love, which featured a smoothly produced R&B jam “I Won’t Give Up on You.” Next they verged into a hip hop house hybrid sound, with singles “Crash (Have Some Fun)” and “Give Your Love to Me.” As the freestyle movement began to dissipate, TKA released a Greatest Hits collection album in 1992, before they each pursued solo projects. Yet the old friends joined forces once again in 2001, with the release Forever. After that, original member of the group “Aby” Cruz replaced Kayel, and the band has been touring again, promoting their latest album, 2016’s Love Goes On.
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