Swedish extremists THIRD STORM have unleashed a new track from their upcoming full-length album, A Grand Manifestation. The song, titled “As the Stars Watched the Birth of Eternity,” is a scathingly violent example of the old-school black/death onslaught fans can expect from A Grand Manifestation.
Stream “As the Stars Watched the Birth of Eternity” at https://youtu.be/D8oEoOCZJtw.
An intense hybrid of black, death, doom and thrash, A Grand Manifestation is the continuation of 2015’s Taritiya Me, a two-song, 26-minute EP that welcomed THIRD STORM back from a decades-long hiatus.
THIRD STORM will release A Grand Manifestation November 9 on Dark Descent Records.
“Pitch-black, anthemic and ragingly barbaric!” – Legacy
“The essence of Swedish Death/Black!” – Metalbrothers.es
“A monumental record!” – Giornale Metal

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