These Wicked Rivers // Eden // Album Review
These Wicked Rivers // Eden // Album Review 8
These Wicked Rivers // Eden // Album Review 8
These Wicked Rivers // Eden // Album Review 8
These Wicked Rivers // Eden // Album Review 8
These Wicked Rivers // Eden // Album Review 8
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These Wicked Rivers drop their highly anticipated debut album this coming Friday, May 22nd and it feels like a lifetime in coming with a calculated PR campaign tempting and teasing us all the way until the record finally drops. Eden announces the arrival of this gnarly, gritty sounding band and with more than a few years on the road honing their craft, it showcases what TWR are all about. 

There’s a Southern-Rock vibe coming from the album that also crosses genres and a mixed bag of influences can be felt from track to track to keep you highly engaged, banging guitar riffs and gritty vocals bring an edge to the songwriting that will keep you coming back for more. Drummer, Dan Southall says: “With this album, we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved. We feel we’ve made an album that encapsulates everything we have done before and shows what we want to be in the future. We can’t wait to take it on the road when circumstances allow”. We are all missing and craving that sense of normality at the moment and this fine album reminds us of what we are missing, Tours canceled, album launches lost to the wind it is a tough time for any band to throw out a new album, but equally the perfect time for those stuck at home to embrace homegrown talent and show them some well-deserved love. 

The bands most recent single ‘Evergreen’ encapsulates what this album is all about, high energy, high intensity with a savvy melodic hook that just grips you, guitarist Arran Day comments: “Evergreen is a tune written about the concept of a man who hates his job, feels his life is lived in greyscale and sees nothing of the joy that life can bring. So one day with a little nod to Tolkien he falls asleep under an old man willow tree and wakes up in this magical forest known as the evergreen. In the forest everything is full of colour and life, and an old man who lives in a shack invites the man in for tea and tells him about how wonderful life can be if you release the shackles. It’s basically a song about quitting your job as a chartered accountant to live in the woods and get pet chickens. It’s an awesome song to play live as it has a special energy to it and we hope people can take away something positive from it.” Dan Southall adds: “We’re so excited to finally be getting “Eden” out there and we’ve been absolutely blown away by the response to our pre-order campaign. Not even a worldwide pandemic has stopped our fans supporting us. We launched a “Stay at Home” tea-making bundle as something fun to look forward to during lockdown and that sold out in double-quick time. The merch bundles have been rapidly dwindling and are nearly sold out. The orders just keep coming. The support for this album has been unbelievable and we can’t thank everyone enough. Incredible.”

The guys have done well, they have put together a strong debut that brings together their core beliefs and a cohesive sound that hits home. In these crazy times you won’t go wrong spending your hard-earned cash here. 


Eden Track-list

  1. Tea Leaves (Intro)
  2. Shine On
  3. Hit the Ground
  4. Floyd
  5. Evergreen
  6. Money
  7. This Train
  8. Count To Ten
  9. Ceasefire
  10. The Garden
  11. Won’t Be Broken
  12. World In Chains
  13. Don’t Pray For Me *bonus track only available on physical 


Formed in 2014, These Wicked Rivers have previously released two EPs: The Enemy and II, alongside a double A-side Shoulda Known Better, which gained the band a first wave of critical acclaim.


Rescheduled UK Tour Dates

Sun 19th July Maidstone, Ramblin’ Man Fair

Fri 7th Aug Nottingham, MFN

Fri 18th Sep Lincolnshire Showground, Call Of The Wild Festival

Sun 20th Sep Cleethorpes, Cleethorpe Rocks – rescheduled date

Fri 25th Sep Derby, The Hairy Dog

Sat 31st Oct Morecambe, The Platform

Fri 13th Nov Great Yarmouth, HRH Crows/Blues

Sat 14th Nov Southport, Prince Of Wales Hotel 

These Wicked Rivers are: Vocals/Guitar – John Hartwell, Guitar/Vocals – Arran Day, Bass – Sam Williams, Drums/Vocals – Dan Southall


Eden is out on 22nd May – Pre-orders: 

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