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… Strikingly modern yet simultaneously timeless …” THE LINE OF BEST FIT 9/10

… One of the most daring and ambitious bands of the decade …” Q MAGAZINE 4*

… It feels at times like the imagination personified …” CRACK MAGAZINE 8/10

… One of our most inventive and compelling bands …” DORK MAGAZINE 4*


Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnW__v4zBvA&feature=youtu.be


THESE NEW PURITANS have unveiled the new video to their new song, WHERE THE TREES ARE ON FIRE, lifted from their already acclaimed forthcoming album, INSIDE THE ROSE, set for release on 22 March. The song is the haunting centrepiece of the forthcoming album, and the video is directed by band member GEORGE BARNETT and MAX LUZ.


The video is an enigmatic portrait of JACK BARNETT by his brother. Halfway through, the viewer transcends the stark painterly reality and is thrown into a world of ecstatic, saturated colour.


This is our most direct, melodic music yet,” says George. “I like music that goes straight to your nervous system; not abstract, gap-year stuff.


Jack dreamt the melody and the lyrics. “Clichéd as it may seem, that’s how it came to me. I went through a period of dreaming loads of music. Most of it was crap – bad ‘80s synth pop or pub rock – but this was the best of them. Because I dreamt most of the lyrics, I don’t know exactly what it’s about but I think it’s got something to do with the extremes of life, whether that’s oblivion or ecstasy.”


Making music, you always want to make something that is without irony, something that deals with extremes of your experience in life; in a way that’s risky, because you expose yourself more, but that’s the art I like, art that gets to the heart of things.”


INSIDE THE ROSE arrives six years after the critically acclaimed FIELD OF REEDS and is arguably the Barnett brothers’ most innovative work to date.



THESE NEW PURITANS introduced themselves to an unsuspecting world with their 2008 debut BEAT PYRAMID. Released when the brothers were still in their teens, it was a circular work of fast rhythms, repetitive lyrics and fractured field recordings, and stood out like a sore thumb among the conservative, guitar-based music of the period. The follow up, HIDDEN in 2010, defied expectations and garnered numerous Album of The Year accolades. After appearing on Bjork’s remix album, Bastards, the band released the cinematic FIELD OF REEDS in 2013. Since then, Jack and George’s desire for new sonic challenges saw them produce the musical score for the first authorised theatrical production of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.


Now, reverting to the original duo of brothers, THESE NEW PURITANS open a new chapter with INSIDE THE ROSE. Writing sessions began in Essex in 2015 and were completed in Berlin after they relocated there; the majority of recording was done in a former Soviet Union broadcasting studio in the city’s industrial suburbs.


The resulting album isn’t just THESE NEW PURITANS’ most affecting music yet, it’s further proof that they operate in a different realm to mist bands, making music with true fearlessness. INSIDE THE ROSE is a record unlike anything else you’ll hear this year; 40 minutes of powerful melodies, lush strings and progressive electronics, packed with jaw-dropping sonic left turns.





  • Infinity Vibraphones
  • Anti-Gravity
  • Beyond Black Suns
  • Inside the Rose
  • Where the Trees Are on Fire
  • Into the Fire
  • Lost Angel
  • A-R-P
  • Six



To accompany the release of INSIDE THE ROSE, THESE NEW PURITANS have announced two special London shows in March, followed by a run of 12 live dates across the UK and Europe in April. Taiwanese singer and producer SCINTII, who appears on BEYOND BLACK SUNS on the album, will be performing live with the band and as support act on the European shows. Full dates as follows:




Thu            21            LONDON                        ICA

Fri            22            LONDON                        Rough Trade East




Tue            02            BERLIN                                    Bi Nuu | Support from SCINTII

Wed            03            HAMBURG                        Knust | Support from SCINTII

Thu            04            BRUSSELS                        Rotande | Support from SCINTII

Fri            05            AMSTERDAM                        Paradiso | Support from SCINTII

Sat            06            PARIS                                    Petit Bain | Support from SCINTII

Wed            10            MANCHESTER                        Yes | Support from VESSEL

Thu            11            GLASGOW                        SW3 Warehouse | Support from VESSEL

Fri            12            LEEDS                                    Belgrave Music Hall | Support from VESSEL

Sat            13            HEBDEN BRIDGE                        Trades Club | Support from VESSEL

Wed            17            LONDON                        Tufnell Park Dome | Support from VESSEL | SOLD OUT

Thu            18            BRIGHTON                        Patterns | Support from VESSEL

Fri            19            BRISTOL                                    Thekla | Support from VESSEL



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