1  This Is Your Life

2  There’s Something Wrong With Everything

3  Eyes In The Sky

4  Easy Life

5  Star Of The Half-Time Show

6  The End Is On TV

7  Brainwash

8  Oh So Happy

9  Good News

10  Natural Rewards  

Southampton based alt/prog rock duo BirdPen will release their new studio album, ’There’s Something

Wrong With Everything’, on 12th October. Melding heavy/psychedelic guitars, rolling basslines,

Krautrock drums and old school electronics, the record creates a doom groove ambience with

Dave Pen’s lead vocal sitting atop. Musically, the duo draw inspiration from acts such as Deerhunter,

Hookworms, Suuns, The Beta Band, Pink Floyd and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Families sit huddled together in front of their flatscreen TV’s peeking through their hands to see the 

new world leader being sworn in by a fading shadow of hope while criminals applaud. The world is 

crying and The End Is On TV. Outside, lost souls wander in a daze fixed on prescription drugs with 

Eyes In The Sky. This Is Your Life trying to escape advertising and takeaway menus and spending 

what you don’t have and looking perfect and trying to fit in and everyone and everything always 

being Oh So Happy. Escape when and how you can, get off your knees and face the sun, find your 

groove and create an Easy Life for yourself as the screens keep the mind bombarded with grim 

tales, fear and sadness. Why can’t they bring us some Good News? Don’t let the Natural Rewards

we seek be diluted, fight the lies however you can because we realise and accept that there will

always be Something Wrong With Everything. Never give up as you have everything to win the 

race, it’s beautiful with love and grace, keep moving on.

Written, recorded and produced by the BirdPen duo of Mike Bird and Dave Pen, the album was 

mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Welcome to ‘There’s Something Wrong With Everything’. Welcome to the world of BirdPen.

‘There’s Something Wrong With Everything’ is available to pre-order exclusively via Pledge Music :

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