THEM Release “Encore” Single


THEM release “Encore”

Listen HERE

With KK Fossor finally being defeated by The Crimson Corpse at the tail end of “Return To Hemmersmoor”, his maniacal assistant, Remsen, continues to live out his remaining days on earth always focused on his final task at hand…Remsen must continue his bloodline!

KK is now dead…Or is he? Remsen thought he had heard a bell ring as he left the gravesite.

“ENCORE” (recorded during the “Return To Hemmersmoor” sessions), is a song that concludes this segment of the story.

Stay tuned for the next CHAPTER in THEM’s intertwining tale of fear, death, destruction and…Neon!

Coming Fall 2022! FEAR CITY!

You can listen to the song here:

Their last album Return To Hemmersmoor was released in October 2020 as a CD DigiPak version, 2LP gatefold version, CD/LP bundle with shirt (exclusively at the Steamhammer shop)

Download and stream through SPV/Steamhammer:



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