The Wolfe Brothers // Livin’ The Dream // Album Review


Australia isn’t what is generally classed as a location for Country music, however, The Wolfe Brothers have managed to forge ahead and have an impressive track record so far.

The Tasmanian brothers have been on the rise for the last 10 years, with three no. 1 and two no.2 ARIA Country music albums. So how did they get to this point?

Having performed on the final of Australia’s Got Talent in 2012, the duo ended up auditioning for Lee Kernaghan however instead of trying out to play in the band, they ended up opening the shows for him. This exposure has helped The Wolfe Brothers learn the craft and continue to the family tradition of playing music.

Livin’ The Dream was written during the pandemic using video calls with writers worldwide to create the 12-track offering, the 6th studio album and are ready to push forward and spread their wings wider and reach further than they have so far.

Opening with “Put The House On It” the sound of golden Country music begins to warm your heart, with a toe-tapping anthem that is the perfect welcome to any album. With an almost Southern Rock-infused sound the Country creates something that is just a delight to listen to.

“Here’s To The Ones” is a more stripped-back, heartfelt thank you to all people who look after others and whilst it may have been written in Covid times but the song still is relevant and very touching. It shows how well a song can connect with a person and may pull on the heartstrings.

This collection of catchy tracks will please the ears of many fans of Country and Southern Rock. The music they have created is likely to pique the interest of many new fans as the radio-friendly tracks will soon be on the playlists of many a station.

Having taken the time and perfecting their sound, The Wolfe Brothers have managed to put together an album that they should be very proud of the title of the album is also a statement and you can hear the excitement and happiness in the tracks that they have made.

If you are just branching into Country then this is the perfect sound, if you are already a fan then this will be a lot of fun.

Livin’ The Dream will be released April 14th 2023 via BMG.

Ed Ford



  1. Put The House On It
    (Nick Wolfe)
  2. Livin’ The Dream
    (Nick Wolfe, Tom Wolfe, Jason Duke)
  3. All In Good Time
    (Brodie Rainbird, Tom Wolfe, Nick Wolfe, JT Hodges)
  4. Here’s To The Ones
    (Brodie Rainbird, Nick Wolfe, Tom Wolfe, Erik Dylan)
  5. Love Like That (feat. The Shires)
    (Jason Duke, Nick Wolfe, Lindsay Ell)
  6. Nothing Better To Me
    (Phil Barton, Nick Wolfe, Tom Wolfe, Brodie Rainbird)
  7. New Dog Old Tricks
    (Nick Wolfe, Travis Collins, Tom Wolfe)
  8. More To It
    (Stephen Lloyd Wilson Jr., Tom Wolfe, Brodie Rainbird, Nick Wolfe)
  9. She’s My Rock, She’s My Roll
    (Nick Wolfe, James T. Slater, Tom Wolfe)
  10. Sundown Somewhere
    (Jason Blaine, Nick Wolfe, Tom Wolfe, Brodie Rainbird)
  11. Empty Pockets
    (Nick Wolfe, Gord Bamford)
  12. Diamond In A Dive Bar
    (Nick Wolfe, Jason Duke, Brodie Rainbird, Tom Wolfe)


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