The Wildhearts - Massive Wagons - Towers of London - Live Review - SWX Bristol
The Wildhearts - Massive Wagons - Towers of London - Live Review - SWX Bristol
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Opening TheWildhearts gig was the capital’s five-piece outfit Towers of London. Through their short set, this band combined full-on soaring guitar with pogo-inducing three-minute bouts and belted out a potent mix of Strummer and G’n’R-esque vocals. They ended with a guitar salute to the tubsmeister Snell during the chant-inale of ‘Fuck It Up’, which they certainly didn’t.

A sermon intro from Massive Wagons promised a band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. That said, they exploded onto the stage and by the third song they had mastered the crowd and the crowd wanted more. The next half hour was a headbanging onslaught of soon-to-be anthems infected by Massive Wagons’ honest energy. Whatever they think about themselves they were serious about the music and their performance, and together with ToL primed the fans for the headlining act.

When The Wildhearts, Ginger, CJ, Rick Battersby, and Danny McCormack, stepped onto the stage the crowd was with them. They started hard and fast and that’s how it remained with the band lined up like dark sentinels unleashing fury for the entire gig.

Other than thanking the crowd for being there and buying the new album, ‘Renaissance Men’ – which Ginger announced proudly was “No 5 in the charts!”, little time was spent on pleasantries. This band knew music, not words, mattered more to the crowd.

Firm favorites merged with new classics to forge a mighty performance and gave new bollocks to these old dogs. And it didn’t seem to matter if you knew their stuff or not, The Wildhearts played solid punk-fused rock n roll with the heart that blasted from their throats into the chests of the fans.

From the thoughtful choice of support acts to the solid sound, this show had a top-notch sheen. Go see the lads, but be warned they’re a little bit shouty and a little bit feisty which is exactly what the nation requires right now.




Vanilla Radio


Sick of Drugs

The Revolution Will Be Televised

Top Of The World

The Jackson Whites

Let ‘Em Go


Caffeine Bomb

Starry In The North, Karma In The South


Love You ‘Til I Don’t

Renaissance Men

Someone Who Won’t Let Me Go

You Took the Sunshine From New York

Mazel Tov Cocktail

My Baby Is A Headfuck

I Wanna Go Where The People Go

Review by Nash

Photography by Emma Painter

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