(Santa Clarita, CA – 1st July, 2020) The Wildfires Projekt has covered a duo of emo classics on new EP ‘Garden Statement Pt. 1’.

The solo project of California based singer-songwriter Johnny Zirkel has delivered rousing renditions of My Chemical Romance’s “To The End” and Hidden In Plain View’s “Bleed For You”, with the help of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ Josh Burke.

Listen to ‘Garden Statement Pt. 1’ on all streaming platforms.

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From the mind of Santa Clarita based Johnny Zirkel, The Wildfires Projekt creates modern anthems for a culture that has been shaped by mental health struggles, anger, fear and addiction. Zirkel’s frank, honest and visceral approach in broaching pertinent topics have earned the West Coast act a solid national following, with The Wildfires Projekt national tour with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatuscurrently on pause.

Zirkel shows influence from across the alternative rock sub-cultures, nods in particular to the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail and Hawthorne Heights, The Wildfires Projekt’s debut EP, ‘From Which We Came’ balances heartfelt lyricism, emotive and gripping guitar lines and resurgent, uplifting melodies.

Zirkel is also responsible for the creation of internationally recognized non-profit Reverse The Trend, with his work in the fight against bullying seeing Zirkel speak at the Vans’ Warped Tour as well as over 400 schools across the US.

Following on from the recent release of ‘From Which We Came’, The Wildfires Projekt has partnered with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ Josh Burke, unveiling compelling covers EP, ‘Garden Statement Pt.1’.

“In life we are often displaced from where we grew up. Whether it’s because of business, family, or some other reason, we often find ourselves living somewhere foreign to what we know best. While I currently live in California, I was born and raised in New Jersey and often find myself longing to go back. The motivation behind “Garden Statement” was to create an anthology series of songs that pay tribute to the great artists of New Jersey, both well-known and lesser known, that have helped shape my music, and the music industry as a whole. Since The Wildfires Projekt is deeply rooted in the alternative and emo genres that stem from NJ, it made sense to cover My Chemical Romance and Hidden in Plain View on this first release.” – Johnny Zirkel.

Listen to ‘Garden Statement Pt.1’ on all streaming platforms.

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