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On 19th November 2019, Camden Town, London officially became home to the global Music Walk of Fame. Honoured to receive the first stone were global rock legends The Who. Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend were presented with their award by Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie, watched by fans and friends including Jazzie B and Suggs.Designed as a new cultural attraction for London, The Music Walk of Fame is set to become a huge accolade for the global music industry. Leading the way with the first award, The Who said:

“We are honoured to be the first band with a stone on the Music Walk Of Fame. Camden has always been vital to London’s thriving music scene and is, as we all know, a world-renowned hub for the arts. As Londoners, it’s very surreal to be immortalised in stone on Camden High Street, and it’s quite something to know that people can pop by and see us anytime, albeit virtually!”

The Founding Stone was unveiled by Jazzie B. This stone acts as a guide to the unfolding route of the walk. Using AR technology of the Music Walk of Fame app, visitors will be able to scan the Founding Stone and be taken on a journey through the culture and history of music, using stones and landmarks as trigger points to learn more.

To mark The Who’s stone unveiling, visitors will be able to get an exclusive preview of their brand new track via the Music Walk of Fame App. Taken from the forthcoming album, ‘Who’, the next single ‘I Don’t Wanna Get Wise’ will be released on Friday 22nd November but Music Walk of Fame visitors will be able to hear it ahead of release.

The Music Walk of Fame Founder Lee Bennett said:  “What a great day for music, fans, the world, London, and Camden. To cap it off by having one of the greatest bands of all time, i’m thrilled to bits.”

Now, in the heart of Camden at Britannia Junction the two stones mark the first location for an extensive planned series of stones, and the starting point of a musical pilgrimage for locals as well as Camden’s many visitors from all around the globe.

More information on the project can be found at
Twitter: @MusicWalkofFame
Instagram: musicwalkoffame
Facebook:The Music Walk of Fame
YouTube: The Music Walk of Fame
The Music Walk of Fame App: now available to download on the App Store, coming to Android soon

What Is The Music Walk of Fame?
The Music Walk of Fame will be a cultural monument which recognises all that is great in music and celebrates music’s contribution to culture, society and the lives of people from all around the world. It will honour artists, creators, executives, media, technology and celebrate world-changing moments in music, from global legends and influential contemporary artists to the unsung heroes, technological breakthroughs and industry figures whose ingenuity and passion have changed the face of popular culture today.

How does it work?
In its most literal sense Music Walk of Fame is a series of stones laid into the very heart of London in Camden’s world-famous High Street, like an indelible tattoo.

However, The Music Walk of Fame is so much more than this, it will live and breathe through ongoing music and cultural events in Camden and beyond; in the Music Walk of Fame community outreach and via their cutting edge AR technology, a first of its kind that will turn the streets of Camden into a Museum that anyone can access through their mobile device. The Music Walk of Fame will provide a platform for musicians and every part of the music industry as well as providing a launching point for global conversations in the media and with music fans around the world.

The aim is for the Music Walk of Fame stones to become the highest accolade in music worldwide.

What Are the Categories and how are they chosen?
Inductees to the Music Walk of Fame wil be selected by its hand-picked international panel of artists, executives, journalists and other music luminaries. It will be celebrating inductees who meet one or more of the following criteria.

Artists whose enduring creativity and lifetime achievements make them the biggest names in music.

Artists, mavericks and advances in technology that forever change the evolution of music.

Artists who forge new genres and inspire generations of creators, regardless of commercial success.

Visionaries whose innovation, acumen and drive is integral to the careers of the world’s biggest stars.

Songwriters, producers and visual artists whose creative contributions are as vital as the acts they enable.

One standout musician or group whose work soundtracks the year, as voted for by the public.

Why Camden?
Camden Town has a rich history of music unlike nearly any other place on earth; it is a place where music scenes are either started or incubated into global cultural movements. Its musical reputation has attracted more than its’ fair share of media companies from record labels, like Creation, to the television giant MTV Europe and it’s renowned as the centre of London’s music scene and a place where genres are started and nurtured.

Camden is also home to globally renowned music venues such as Koko, the Electric Ballroom, the Roundhouse and the Jazz Cafe, with a whole host of labels, agents, music publishers and other businesses engaged in the business of music, as well as a literal home to many thousands of musicians, both globally famous and those hoping they will be one day.

Camden is both a historical landmark and a contemporary functioning international music hub with a strong musical heritage and a high concentration of live music venues.

The Music Walk of Fame comes with the full support of Camden Council, one of the most supportive councils for the arts of any in London.

How often does it happen?
Over the course of each year we’ll be laying up to 20 stones marked with special one-off celebrations making this a truly year-round experience in music.

When Does it start?
The Music Walk of Fame kicked off with inaugurations and events on 19th November this year and will have a second wave in early 2020.

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