The Warlocks announces The Future Is Skull Tour



PHOTO CREDIT: David Deresinski
LOS ANGELES, CA – June 3, 2022 – It has been a long time coming, but it’s finally happening. Los Angeles’ neo-psych indie rockers THE WARLOCKS are bringing their trademark guitar swells and thundering rhythms to stages across North America from coast-to-coast and everywhere in-between. “It feels like a two-year coma we’ve all awoke from,” says frontman Bobby Hecksher.

The Future Is Skull 2022 Summer Tour features 16 shows throughout North America hitting major markets including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto. This rare outing will be kicking off tonight at Austin’s Hotel Vegas and will conclude on June 25th at Lodge Room in Los Angeles.

Now in their third decade of blowing minds and rupturing eardrums, THE WARLOCKS have been widely celebrated as one of the most hypnotic and captivating live acts around, so they’ve been more than a little anxious to return to their native setting, under glowing stage lights and surrounded by vintage amps.

“We’re telling a story this time,” Hecksher explains about the album’s ripped-from-the-headlines concept, which he says had been percolating for a few years before it suddenly came to him with the delirious intensity of a fever-soaked dream, like that “out-of-body experience you get at a show when you’re drenched in sweat and suddenly feel so alive.”

From the hammer falling on you (Dear Son) to not being able to escape the system (Mr. Boogieman) to somebody not being who they really are (Double Life) to making mistakes and time passing you by (I’m Not Good Enough) – THE WARLOCKS examine life and our justice system.

LA Weekly vowed, “this is The Warlocks at their magical best.” FLOOD Magazine added, “a cinematic, almost krautrock-ish sound and feel to the album overall, which meshed perfectly with the story and the desperation of its characters.” The Aquarian Weekly declared, “The Chain resonates with vivid imagery, evoking the sense of a cinematic societal critique, set amid a soundtrack of oozing, shoegaze-infused neo-psychedelia.” The Big Takeover hailed their lead single “Dear Son” as “a hazily dreamy reverie.” Glide Magazine described their second single “I’m Not Good Enough” as a “slowly percolating psych rock tune with hazy vocals and blistering guitar shredding.”

“Dear Son” (official music video)
THE WARLOCKS is Bobby Hecksher (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass), John Christian Rees (guitar, feedback), Earl V. Miller (guitar, drone machine), Christopher DiPino (bass), Cesar A. Reyes (keyboards) and Jason “Plucky” Anchondo (drums). Their tenth studio album The Chain is out now via Cleopatra Records.
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