The Finnish progressive rock act, The Valereleased their second music video “Talvi ja Jää” promoting for their debut full-length  “Seasons in the Valley.”

The band said about the theme song; “Talvi ja Jää is the theme song for winter. The title is translated simply “winter and ice”. The chorus, as well as the title, are in Finnish mostly because that’s the way it came out naturally. The lyric theme more deeply is about hibernation and the ones who are guarding the sleep. It’s winter, underlined. The video tell’s a slightly different tale taking place in winter time of course. It is about this pack proceeding through the snow towards their destination… or at least trying to proceed.” – The Vale stated.

The band said about the album theme;

“Seasons in the Valley is a concept album, about the four seasons in this fictional place called “The Valley”. One can find a theme song for each season on the album. The original idea is an EP about each season among this actual album – the first EP was The Vale’s latest release before this “Autumn in the Valley”. One can note that the EP includes songs which are not on this album, among the couple songs which appear on the album (the album versions have a different mixing).”

The band went a lot of changes while recording this album;
“About the recording process of the album, it was a major pain in the ass. It started back in the fall of 2015 and included:
-two demo sessions
-two different studios
-five rehearsal places (three “permanent”, two temporary)
-five lineup changes
-two times mixing/mastering (the first versions sucked so we had to take a re-round)
-aaaaaand we also changed the band’s name during this process

So, one can say that The Vale is pretty relieved to be finally able to put this record out and move on. The final recordings and mixing/mastering (which of result can be heard on the album) was executed at Saarni Studios in the southern part of Finland.”


The Vale is a three piece unit hailing from Tampere, Finland. The band was formerly known as Ovenizer since 2014 and finally morphed into it´s present form – The Vale – in 2017.

The Vale is lyrically a theme band. Everything happens in the Valley – always has and always will. Lyrics for each song are available at the Lyrics -section. “Autumn in the Valley” -EP is the first recording of the band.

Get your copy now of “Seasons in the Valley” through SpotifyDeezeriTunesGoogle Play, or YouTube.

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