After the quite successful and fruitful release of the group’s previous single – the dynamic “Walls” – alternative rock outfit The Time Framed now premieres the video for the group’s emotional, brand new track – “Bombshell Baby”! Presenting a melancholic, real, yet energetic and spirited well-crafted song that skillfully and shrewdly combines and mixtures a variety of different influences in one cohesive product, this single is the result of genuine and sincere emotion and artistic personality with its impressively written, pure lyrics, dual vocal lines and tasteful composition, which all construct the original essence of the song. Built on its compelling atmosphere and sincere nature, “Bombshell Baby” comfortably exposes the specific traits of The Time Framed’s talent.


Commenting on the nature and the essence of “Bombshell Baby”The Time Framed adds: “This track was inspired by a loved one, who has since passed on. He wanted Jeremy to create a punk band, called Bombshell Baby, but as he was already in a punk band at the time, he opted to name a song “Bombshell Baby” in his honor. It’s a song about “red decking” into love. For the non-“Magic the Gathering” nerds out there, “red decking” is about going all in with reckless abandon.”

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