The Stranglers Drop If Something’s Gonna Kill Me Track Chat

The Stranglers have dropped another track chat for ‘If Something’s Gonna Kill Me’. Written by JJ Burnel and arranged by Baz Warne, the song was created after keyboardist Dave Greenfield sadly died in 2020.

JJ says of the meaning behind the track:

“Next thing I knew, Dave passed away. So I started writing about that… He was one of life’s innocents. So I thought it would be good to mark the point – ‘innocence has left this house, to wander among the stars, to light a path before us so we can see’. Just thought, that summed Dave up.”

The Kraftwerk-inspired, electro-pop number does feature some strong keyboard parts, meaning producer Louie Nicastro had to step in and do some creative thinking in the studio:

“You’ve got to harness your inner Dave – what would Dave do?… I only used keyboards that Dave would have used back in the day to create this song.”, he says.

It’s one of Baz’s favourite tracks from the new album and there’s lots to uncover from its lyrics, with a wonderful sentiment at it’s core.

There’s quite a few BTS videos now, where we get a sneaky listen and behind-the-scenes insight from JJ, Baz and producer Louie Nicastro on tracks from the new album Dark Matters. Series so far here.