The Soap Girls - Live Review - The Cobblestones - Bridgewater
The Soap Girls - Live Review - The Cobblestones - Bridgewater
5.0Overall Score
En route to the amazing Cobbletsones in Bridgwater I had a converstion with my passenger about how we thought the night would go, we had no idea on what to expect, I know from previous experience that the venue always put on a great show, pre show snack we ventured inside.
First band on stage was Bristol based Liquid state, with only half an hour to fill they got underway and we stopped instantly to have a good listen, taken aback by how good they were musically, thunderous drumming, some badass basslines…topped off with no holds barred singing from Keren, their set screamed out energy , you can totally see why they won the 2017 underdog battle of the bands. 30 mins was not enough of a set time but i am sure we will see bigger and better things from them, they gave balls, grit and energy that resinates throughout…
Second on the bill was Pretty Little Enemy.. another female fronted band, yet again the music was hard and edgy, metal influences but with a tone of massive power mixed in. another south west band based in Somerset , they seem to have a plethera of fans following them and I can totally see why. With sounds of Evenessance and Nightwish, singer Louise Body has a huge vocal range with a truly powerful voice. The kind of voice you would hear on the x factor, but with metal to sing along to, a powerful voice with a great range of song styles, covering Katy Perry to proper full on metal,  the band had most of the audience at the front moshing and headbanging throughout the set, great feel good band with tonnes of talent.
Time for headline act The Soap girls. I have to say I made a mistake by reading up on the Ladies, and Sam (drummer) everything I read was further from the truth, the ladies played an amazing 2 hour set at the Cobblestones, I simply cannot begin to say how much fun it was, I came to review a punk band and this is exactly what I saw.  From the outset they played some truly catchy songs, French born sisters Mie and Millie worked so well together. We had ripping catchy guitar riffs, mega beats and tempo changes, mixed with screaming vocals, followed by a harmony, followed by some epic growls.. the show had everything,
They sing about things close to their heatrs, about everything thats wrong with the world, they do this with gusto…. ‘Johnny Rotten’ was a highlight for me but then again, every song they played was unique and catchy and the entire night was one big highlight. The crowd loved them for what they are, musicans who give a damn about music and life, near the end of the set they had  two guys on stage to sing with them to ‘Bad Bitch’ an epic moment to witness, during the entire show they had banter, fun and talked about whats wrong with the world .
It was a great night of music from start to finish, one of those nights where you smile from ear to ear. Even after a 2 hour show they still had time to stop and talk to the fans for some time, long after the venue had closed, great night, great people and 100% recommended to all.
Review: Tony Hebblethwaite
Photography: Jo Saunders 

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