The Simple Radicals To Drop Cover Of ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” is probably one of the most iconic and recognizable songs in rock. John Malkin and John Griffin of the Chicago-based rock band The Simple Radicals used to cover that song in a band they played in several years ago and it always brought the house down. They always wanted to do their own version.  And they have. They’ve collaborated with husband/wife duo Che-Val on a psychedelic pop version of “White Rabbit” that will certainly bring the house down for old and new fans of this classic song.

The song will officially be released worldwide at midnight on March 5th but fans of the band and the song can be the first to hear it by pre-saving the song on Spotify and/or Apple Music through the link

Produced by Kenny Cash at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, Connecticut and mixed by multi-platinum/gold award winning producer Earl Cohen (Tina Turner, Nelly, Usher, Lady Gaga), the song is intoxicating and ethereal and fans of classic rock, as well as artists like BANKS, Massive Attack and Shaed, will love it.

The song will officially be released on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms on Friday March 5th at midnight.

The band is encouraging people to pre-save the song on Spotify and/or Apple Music through this link

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