The Sees Release Debut Record Conversations With My Future Self

The Sees 

Release Debut Record 

Conversations With My Future Self  

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Release Show at Bowery Electric

November 17, 2023 (New York, NY) – Today, the Brooklyn based rock band The Sees have released their long awaited debut album, Conversations With My Future Self.

Exploring the connective sense of global reflection, the nuances of time and the effects it has on us by always slipping away, the concept record tells its story through captivating rhythms and styles that push the boundaries of genre while exploring fresh perspectives.

Listen to Conversations With My Future Self here:

Stitched together by standout guitar riffs and a whirlwind of sonic textures, the group makes a noteworthy entrance onto the scene with this genre belding, 8 track record encouraging listeners to not only connect deeper with the world, but ourselves.

From the compelling beginning with single, “The Calling” that beckons us to be part of something greater than ourselves, to the final melodies of “At Some Point”, The Sees’ storytelling lingers, creating a lasting impact that extends far beyond the final notes. Each song’s intricacy mirrors the complexities of society, accompanied by crunchy guitars and uplifting instrumental breakdowns. “Voices” is a rallying anthem inspired by the daily symphony of pots and pans dedicated to essential workers during the pandemic, urging listeners to come together to unite against oppressive systems.

Their vivid imagery guides listeners on a high speed journey through time centered around inner reflection and finding one’s purpose, transcending between past and future, all while firmly anchored in the present.

In its entirety, the album crafts a thought-provoking musical experience, taking listeners on a profound ride through various facets of the human experience.

“To quote the great 20th Century philosopher, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller” frontman Jamie DiTringo laughs. “The album loosely became a concept record about the passage of time, almost unbeknownst to me when writing it. Months after reflecting on the lyrics, it all made sense to me. In the final song on the album, “At Some Point,” there is a verse that encapsulates the record:

Our future is now, don’t look to the past

Let’s stay up all night. Life is moving too fast.”

The introspective adventures on Conversations With My Future Self act as an iridescent beacon of light shining from the depths of a chaotic point in our socio-political history, aiming listeners towards the belief that hope, love and the future can shine brightly if one can see it in a new light.

“We hope that everyone who listens to the record can sit back, take it in, and recognize that while we are here on this mortal coil, we must take a moment to find space for positivity and love. Even with the world in chaos, we can always choose love.“ – Jamie DiTringo

Conversations With My Future Self Tracklist:                    

  1. The Calling
  2. Losing Time
  3. Kiss And Tell
  4. Turn The Lights Out
  5. Moments
  6. End Of Scene
  7. Voices
  8. At Some Point

Vinyl pressings available!

The Sees wrapped their sold out album release show this past Wednesday at Bowery Electric, offering fans an exclusive first listen to the compilation.

The Sees came together in August 2022 and consists of Jamie DiTringo (vocals/guitar/songwriter) is joined by dear friends Alex Daly (bass) and Tim O’Brien (drums) and Yoni Wilkenfeld (Keyboard).

About The Sees

With debut single “The Calling”, Brooklyn-based four-piece have established themselves as a band who can capture the essence of life and humanity with their songs. Its hypnotic pulse draws you deep into their dark, existential and Lynchian world, and refuses to let go. It’s the perfect introduction to both the band and its debut album Conversations With My Future Self, which sees frontman Jamie DiTringo explore the nuances of time and the effects it has on us by always slipping away. Yet while The Sees—completed by Alex Daly (bass), Tim O’Brien (drums) and Yoni Wilkenfeld (synths/keys)—are aware that it’s impossible to stop time running down, their music is a wonderful reminder to make the most of whatever time we do have, and not be afraid to confront the harsh realities of it running out. Formed during the pandemic, the band have a long history of playing music, both together and separately, and that’s resulted in a truly accomplished sound. Indeed, the album as a whole sounds like a dark night of the soul that takes place over the course of a lifetime. “The Calling” is your doorway into that world. It’s one that’s easy to step through, but once you do, it might not let you back out once you cross the threshold. A bold, brooding and beautiful first step from a band with a long future ahead of them—as long as time allows for it.


 credit: Alexa Jae Eyler

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