The Second After (Durham, NC) Release New Single/Video “Changes”

The Second After (Durham, NC) Release New Single “Changes”

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In 2015, a group of friends from central North Carolina formed a pop-punk project called The Second After. While this sounds like the typical high-school band story, it is far from that. Michael Greason, Ryan Mcdonald, and Nolan Shambley bring an upbeat, hopeful tone to each song they release, reminding their listeners that all of life’s challenges will pass. All three members of The Second After have been impacted by music for the better, and their individual connections to it are what they pass onto their fans at every show.

Their debut 2016 EP, Hit & Run, featured the band’s early emo sound, reminiscent of scene staples such as Mayday Parade and Four Year Strong. Continuing to hone their craft, the band released Treadmill at the Finish Line in 2018 which featured a unique blend of pop vocal melodies and satisfyingly heavy guitar leads.

The group finds their magic in the juxtaposition between light and dark, but with each song comes the promise that night will always fade back into morning. This theme is showcased prominently in their most recent EP, We Are Who We Are.

With new singles ready to release and tour plans always on the horizon, The Second After vows to continue growing and spreading good vibes with each note that they play.

Of their new single “Changes”, the band says, “The only thing consistent about life has been its inconsistency. ‘Changes’ is a song about how hard and relentless it has been for me to deal with all the constant change. It’s something I’ve always struggled with and has been the root of a lot of issues for me growing up. The song is a way for me to accept it as an inevitability and keep going.”

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