Formed in the summer of 2014, The Safety is a post-hardcore band from Charlotte, NC. Citing influences such as Dance Gavin Dance, Thursday, Saosin, and Taking Back Sunday, this group of musicians wanted to make music that paid homage to the bands they grew up listening to. Through the years, the band has sharpened and defined its sound to resemble the great emo bands of the early 2000’s, but with a modern twist. Their music is characterized by its high energy and call-and-response vocals, with intricate guitar leads and flowing bass rhythms.

“The bands we grew up listening to gave us something to be excited about. We often turn to music to help get us through the day, and we felt inspired to pay that forward. We want to give our fans a reason to get out of bed and encourage them to find joy in every little thing, because no matter what obstacles life puts in our way, music will always be there for us” (Justin, lead vocals).

The Safety is set to release their debut EP, Queen City, on October 26th, via Imminence Records.

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