The Risen Dread // Night Hag // Album Review


The Risen Dread release their full-length debut on the 28th of January and it is an absolute belter, I may be biased as these guys are from my home town but I defy anyone to tell me otherwise.

The sheer power of this album is incredible, from start to finish there is no let-up, opening track “Psychoses” lays the foundation for what is to come with a crushing drum beat, killer riffs, thumping bass and savage vocals, an unreal start and it only gets better. “Silent Disease” is a groove-filled killer that packs some serious weight guitar-wise while Marco Feltrin vocals are insane, one of the best tracks on the album. “Bury Me” will melt your face will a brutal barrage of drums and cutting riffs, there is a real sinister feel that is backed up by Feltrin’s monster vocals and Maher’s bass, another class track. “Obsession” is built on a bedrock of pounding drums, buzzing bass and chugging riffs with Feltrin providing a stunning vocal performance that sounds like a cross between Max Cavalera and Jamey Jasta, simply put amazing. “Sound Of The Unknown” slowly sways into life with a building riff and bass combo that explodes into a grinding riff fest and a groove that will drive you crazy, there is a SOAD feel to this, and it burrows itself into your brain, possibly the best track on the album and that is saying a lot. “Fallen” is another that rips right out of the traps, a relentless wall of sound that beats you into submission, the guitar work of Ribeiro is immense.

“Deceiver” stomps a mudhole in you and walks it dry with a pulsating drum and bass beat, crunching riffs and vocals that are full of rage, an epic track. “White Night” is reminiscent of Kreator riff wise but with a meatier twist, this is heavy as fuck with pulsating drums and chugging guitars while Feltrin slays vocally and added to this a guest appearance from the one and only Andreas Kisser who lends in amazing guitar skills to an already killer track. “Coward’s 9” wall of sound will knock you on your ass with is sheer force, thumping drums and heavy riffs rule this track while Feltrin murders you by channelling his inner Derrick Green to give an animal of a track. “Lazzaretto” follows in a similar vein to the previous track; a sledgehammer attack to the head but with more metalcore style vocals thrown in, this is a beast of a track. The album finishes with “The Night Hag” a haunting snarled track with vocals by Brazilian composer Renauto Zanuto that builds to a massive crescendo with Feltrin taking over on vocals to the close.

There is no end to these guys talent and this album is summed up in two words, Beautifully Brutal.

The Risen Dread release their full-length debut on the 28th


Review: Conor 

The Risen Dread are:

Marco Feltrin                      Vocals

William Ribeiro                   Guitars

Colum Cleary                       Drums

Mat Maher                           Bass

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