The Raven Age // The Year That Stood Still // Exile Album Premiere Livestream Review

With the ongoing pandemic Brit Modern Mettalers The Raven Age are dropping their latest album Exile tomorrow Sept 17th via EX1 and due to the chaos that is the post-covid reality, they opted to do a live stream from KK’s Steel Mill to whet the appetite for their hoard of hungry fans. 

The stream kicks off on a somewhat mellow note with a string quartet and a pianist joining the band whilst the emotive tracks showcase the band’s ability to deliver well beyond the thrashing guitars that we would usually associate with The Raven Age. The whole experience allows you to fully appreciate the musicality in the songwriting that can often be overlooked by the heftiness of their traditional recordings. Clearly, these guys have a wealth of talent within that is allowed to shine through via tonights more personal and intimate environment. Vocalist Matt James is up and down on his feet while the other band members remain seated thus far, I am dying and I mean dying to see if they get up for that signature “Westlife” key change? Can it really happen? I clearly jest but you know what, a girl can dream!

One thing is for sure is that is a beautifully polished production and performance, the lighting is on point as the guys look D r e a m y with the soft dapple light bouncing around them whilst the songs pour out from the stereo speakers like it would off the album itself, flawless and clear as a bell. You have to hand it to them there have been no shortcuts here. I still can’t wrap my head around the elegance of the songwriting when broken down to a canter with the string quartet and pianist behind them, the quality of the musicianship and depth within the songwriting really pulls it all together. A stunning performance all around. 

The guys even in this stripped-back environment have been able to deliver a performance that still took the listener on a sonic journey and that in itself is no easy task, a highly enjoyable and unexpected introduction to the new album, well done all. 

The Raven Age’s New Album Exile Drops on Sept 17th via EX1 Records. 


  1. No Man’s Land
  2. Wait For Me
  3. Fireflies
  4. As The World Stood Still
  5. A Look Behind The Mask
  6. Dying Embers
  7. Hold High The Fleur De Lis
  8. Seventh Heaven (Live In Santiago)
  9. Angel In Disgrace (Live In Los Angeles)
  10. Surrogate (Live In Vancouver)
  11. Forgotten World (Live In London)

The Raven Age is;
Matt James (vocals), George Harris (guitar)Tony Maue (guitar),
Matt Cox (bass)Jai Patel (drums)

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