The Raven Age - Conspiracy - Album Review
The Raven Age - Conspiracy - Album Review 8
The Raven Age - Conspiracy - Album Review 8
The Raven Age - Conspiracy - Album Review 8
The Raven Age - Conspiracy - Album Review 8
The Raven Age - Conspiracy - Album Review 8
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The introduction is a gentle instrumental track. The melody and increased patterns make it clear that this is going to be an adventure.

Lyric-wise, the story begins in the second track ‘Betrayal of the mind’ which is a tale of wrangling mental demons. Is this a battle worth fighting? “Is this life worth living?” Ultimately the challenge is accepted. There are powerful guitars riffs and thundering drums. Vocals are dynamic but tuneful. The majority of the tracks on the album follow a similar format of fast chunky yet intricate playing with slower choruses. There is a very classic heavy metal sound.

‘The Day the World Stood Still’ starts its life as an echoey, chilled out melody before buzzing into a busier pace. The back-up vocals are deep and smooth and the chorus is speedy and snarly. There are light playful guitar solos and the vocals are more experimental which pays off.   The energy is kept high throughout this song which leads well in to the next track ‘Stigmata’ which gets faster still. The line “spirit has been lifted” in ‘Seventh Heaven’ does seem to mirror how the music resonates in your own body. Whilst ‘Forgotten World’ has a much more pissed off feel about it with a foreboding riff that growls you “into the iron gates of hell” although the song somewhat softens by the chorus and it is difficult not to wish it had stayed a little more rugged. Softer still, is ‘The face that launched a thousand ships’, this is perhaps the least fitting song. Much slower and at its harshest only mildly chastising, it showcases the singer’s impressive vocal range but just feels a little too calm in comparison to the rest of the album.

The final song ‘Grave of the fire flies’ at just over 8 minutes long is an extensive wrap up to the album which, with 12 tracks of skilled playing and emotionally charged lyrics, makes for enjoyable listening.


Suzi Bootz


Track Listing: 

Bloom Of The Poison Seed

Betrayal Of The Mind

Fleur De Lis

The Day The World Stood Still



Seventh Heaven

Forgotten World

The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships

Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier


Grave Of The Unknown Fireflies



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