Despatching slamming punk thrusts and engaging hooks, UK trio THE OUTLINES
are planning their attack across the UK with the release of their new EP,
House Of Thieves, out Friday 28th February. The punk rockers have also just
dropped a new track, Mind Trip, which can be streamed here – .

THE OUTLINES are the brainchild of singer and guitarist, Kyle Peters, who
formed the band in 2015 after leaving Ferocious Dog. Peters recruited old
school friends Martyn Brown (Bass) and Dean Hill (Drums), and the newly
invigorated three-piece began rehearsals to craft a live set and to shape a
sound that would be powerful and raw, but also refined.

By 2016, the band were armed with their debut album, The Streets Of England,
which was soon followed by their sophomore album, Bones Bones Bones. The
trio toured widely throughout the UK to support both releases, as well as
heading across the pond for a brief stint to perform at a number of venues
in Southern California. THE OUTLINES have played at several prestigious
festivals including: Rebellion, Deerstock, Farmer Phil’s, and Something
Else. They have also shared the stage and supported acts such as punk
legends The Buzzcocks, The Boomtown Rats, Space, Fizzy Blood and Detroit
Social Club. Last year THE OUTLINES delivered their first EP, Day Dreaming,
which furthered their climb and has helped to draw a dedicated fanbase and
garner increased interest.

The threesome are now ready to branch out to the UK and beyond and are
loaded with their engrossing new EP, House Of Thieves. Boasting three slabs
of infectious punk rock that take from everyone from The Sex Pistols and The
Clash to Green Day, THE OUTLINES will take flight in 2020!    ||

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