The Outlaw Orchestra // Pantomime Villains // Album Review
The Outlaw Orchestra // Pantomime Villains // Album Review8
The Outlaw Orchestra // Pantomime Villains // Album Review8
The Outlaw Orchestra // Pantomime Villains // Album Review8
The Outlaw Orchestra // Pantomime Villains // Album Review8
The Outlaw Orchestra // Pantomime Villains // Album Review8
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Hailing from Southampton in the deep south (of England), this 4 piece band called The Outlaw Orchestra may not have released an album before, however, they have been raising hell by way of two EP’s and numerous live shows, including Ramblin’ Man’s Rising Stage, the Sheffield O2, along with sharing a line up The Darkness, Brothers Osbourne and supporting Kris Barras on the 2018 tour so now is the time for their ‘Heavy Grass’ music to take center stage with this debut album.

When you first press play, if you weren’t aware of what to expect from a band called The Outlaw Orchestra, you will soon pick up on the electric guitar, drum and banjo combination that will get you reaching for your dungarees and whiskey as your feet start tapping along with this Countrified Rock N roll that immediately lifts the spirits and gets you moving.

The other thing that you swiftly notice is that the band clearly has a sense of humor as you sing along with the lyrics that will also leave you with a sore face from the grinning, with tracks such as ‘Chicken Fried Snake’. This humor doesn’t detract from how clean the music is, however, the guitars have that southern drawl and the banjo adds extra hillbilly as the drums provide the foot-stomping beat.

‘Jumpin’ Jive’ brings the Rock N’ Roll and just makes you want to get up and on to the dancefloor and if dancing isn’t your thing, grab the air guitar and get ready to riff along or play the solo that will have every boot in the saloon tapping along.

The 10-track offering spans some 36 minutes and for those 36 minutes you will not stop having some part of your body moving or tapping something, as the music just engages you and gets you involved. The music is fantastic and the lyrics are equally good as The Outlaw Orchestra has found that perfect balance of humor and music, rather than relying on one of the aspects both are equally important and help to create this ‘Heavy Grass’ sound.

Pantomime Villains is a great debut album that deserves to be enjoyed by many and especially in these crazy times, a little bit of humor and good music goes a long way, especially when it’s as good as this.

Pantomime Villains is released Friday 29th May 2020.


Ed Ford


Track List

Take a bow

Chicken fried Snake

Hangin’ Tree

Whiskey Drinkin’ Liar


Jumpin’ Jive

It Happened Again

Voodoo Queen

Too Much Willie Nelson

Send Some Whiskey Home


Band Members
David Roux (guitars/lead vocals)
Alex Barter (double bass/vocals)
Pete Briley  (banjo)
Ryan Smith (drums/percussion/vocals)



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Photo Credit: Will Carter / Two Finger Media

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