The Outlaw Orchestra – Album out today – The Curtain Goes Up on ‘Pantomime Villains’

The Curtain Goes Up on ‘Pantomime Villains’

The Outlaw Orchestra Release Their New Album

The Outlaw Orchestra are proud to release their fine new album ‘Pantomime Villains’ today, so to celebrate the raucous, roof-raising Outlaws are releasing a special lyric video to ‘Take a Bow’ – one of the hell-raisin tracks you’ll find on this varied and vibrant 10-track album

The Outlaw Orchestra are David Roux (guitars/lead vocals); Ryan Smith (drums/percussion/vocals); Pete Briley (banjo/lap steel/vocals); and Alex Barter (double bass/vocals).

The band’s distinctive sound and style defies simple genre labels and laughs out loud in the face of pigeonholing. They’ve cooked up a unique jambalaya: rich in hard Southern and 70s-style Rock (reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd & early ZZ Top) into which they’ve tossed Cajun, Dixie, Country, even Flamenco — all laced with their signature dish, special ingredient ‘Heavy Grass’, not to mention generous helpings of prime-quality fun that make their live appearances a joy to experience.

“Money can’t buy you happiness,” The Outlaw Orchestra wisely remind us all, “but it can buy you this CD to put in the stereo on your yacht and that might be as close as you get to finding it. This is a vacation for the mind: this is a musical rollercoaster of jubilant British rock filtered through the heart of Dixie. A diverse range of musical tastes have created ten songs that are influenced from late 50s’ rock ‘n’ roll and country to modern hard rock. ‘Pantomime Villains’ is 35 minutes of electrified Heavy Grass music that brings the live show party right into your living room.”

“If you are already familiar with us,” they go on to add, “then we thank you for being part of the family and having rocked with us over the last two years. Buy Pantomime Villains: it’s pocket-sized and who doesn’t want a pocket orchestra? On that note we’ll Take A Bow — enjoy the video!”

 ‘Take a Bow’ gives listeners a heady swig of The Outlaw Orchestra moonshine: the razor edge of Dave’s lead guitar, the engaging jangle and twang of Pete’s banjo, Alex’s flamboyant double bass and Ryan’s driving percussion. Donning the guise of animated skeletons in the video (and using every Wild West font between here and The O.K. Corral), the band deliver a track that’s sure to brighten up your day.

Of ‘Pantomime Villains’, Metal Planet Music said, “This is an album that has had wit, charm and sparkle throughout, and that final track has added the final coat of polish to an immaculate 35 minutes of perfection. This is one of the essential feelgood albums of 2020.”

MNPR Magazine nailed it on several front, praising its quality, variety and talent:  “To create a body of work as stylistically diverse as Pantomime Villains takes talent, and to make it look as it if it was seemingly thrown together over a few beers is pure genius.” 

Check out The Outlaw Orchestra’s new lyric video and the excellent album it comes from. And don’t forget to keep an eye on the band’s website and social media for live appearance and touring info when they can get out on the road again.

You can now download and stream album here


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