THE ORDER OF APOLLYON premiere live music video for the track “The Lies Of Moriah” from Ascension Festival (Iceland, 2019) 
French black/death metallers THE ORDER OF APOLLYON reveal live music video for the song “The Lies Of Moriah”, taken from the band’s third studio album, “Moriah”, out now on Agonia Records. It’s the band’s second video (after “Trident Of Flesh”) recorded at Ascension Festival 2019 in Iceland. Watch the clip, here:

THE ORDER OF APOLLYON – The Lies Of Moriah (Ascension Festival 2019)
THE ORDER OF APOLLYON was formed in 2008 by then Aborted members, guitarist BST (ex-Aosoth, VI) and drummer Dan Wilding (Carcass). Over the course of two studio albums, “The Flesh” (2010) and “The Sword And The Dagger” (2015), the band forged themselves a distinct path through death and black metal soundscapes, that evoke of Behemoth or Mgła, but with and edge towards French black metal in the vein of Aosoth or VI. After a line-up reconfiguration, forced by Wilding‘s transition to Carcass and conflicting schedules amongst remaining members, the band’s French roots gained the upper hand. BST started off new and recruited veterans of his native black metal scene, including members of Temple Of Baal, Hell Militia and Merrimack. Their third album “Moriah”, released last year on Agonia Records, is a testament to the new line-up, which introduced stability and evoked deeper levels of teamwork within the band. It is, without a doubt, the most coherent, mature and creative work the band ever put out.

“Moriah” was recorded, mixed and mastered at BST Studio, except for drums, which were recorded at Studio de Saint-Loup. The cover artwork was created by Vincent Lécuyer.

1. The Lies Of Moriah
2. Rites Of The Immolator
3. Grey Father
4. The Cradle
5. The Original Cries Of Jerusalem
6. Trident Of Flesh
7. Soldat
8. A Monument

BST – guitars and vocals
SR – guitars and vocals
AK – bass and vocals
JZ – drums

THE ORDER OF APOLLYON – Trident Of Flesh (Official Music Video)
THE ORDER OF APOLLYON – Trident Of Flesh [Ascension Festival 2019, Iceland] (Official Video)
Order “Moriah”:


Agonia Records:

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