Our new track, “Demons,” was inspired by the idea of romanticizing the darker parts of humanity.

A song about being lured to the dark side and finding out you like it there. Inspired by the impulses of what turns our primitive minds on, no matter how scary, repulsed, or uncertain we may be to the situation.

I want to kill my ego / I want to lose myself in you / Never resurrected / I just want to be possessed by you.

When I hear those words sung to me within the fiery blaze of the instrumental, I get an emotional rush. A mix of excitement, horror passion and existentialism. Very 2020.

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Michael Fong produced this song, which was recorded in the studio we built ourselves. Many echos, creaks and noise from the space lay throughout the recording. You can barely hear them, but they’re there and their energy is felt.

It was written in the deep woods of Northern Ontario, Canada.

Thanks for taking the time to engage with this track,

The Nursery


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