The Missing Frets Drop New Video ‘Nothing in Between’

The Missing Frets – Nothing in Between

Sitting in a thatched music studio, guitar in hand at his home in South Africa, Shaun Lovell (Co-founder of The Missing Frets) stumbled on a guitar riff that formed the skeleton of the song “Nothing in Between”. Over the years and much like a butterfly the song endured a process of metamorphosis from different rhythms, keys and tempos before finding its way onto The Missing Frets album list.

Lyrically, “Nothing in Between”, is a story of friendship and romance. Shaun’s vision of the song is of two friends who decided to take their friendship a step further into an intimate relationship but after failed attempts realised their un-destined future.

“Nothing in Between” was recorded and co-produced with Cardinal Recordings and The Missing Frets as part of their album, Pipe Dreams, during the Spring of 2019 and released in the Spring of 2020 during the beginning of the Pandemic. The music video was filmed in the Winter of 2020 right before the Pandemic exploded. The band held off on releasing the video until February of 2021.

The vision of the video was co-created by Shaun and Bindu Lovell and the props were designed by Johnny Martin. The cinematographer and editor of the film was WizFx. They decided to forgo on a conceptual video portraying the story of “Nothing in Between”.  The clip was shot primarily in black and white with hints of colour, which plays out the memory, a dream of the person who he thought he remembered and how he envisioned it, only to be caught with the reality of the misconnection.

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