The Mary Veils Share “Rowhome” Single

“The track jolts forward with blood-curdling, gravelly wails, frenetic riffery, and reverb-drenched chords, recalling the chaotically scrappy, yet calculated and clean styles of LA alt-indie surf rock outfit Tijuana Panthers or garage-punk powerhouse Frankie and the Witch Fingers.”
– Glide

“This band sounds like a ‘60s garage rock group that plugged their amps into a socket that’s spewing flames and smoke. ”
– Scene Point Blank

“The anthemic tune comes packed with gritty guitars and frantic percussion that’s sure to get you thrashing around.”
– Indie88

“Melted, muted punk”
– Brooklyn Vegan

“A glorious, bone-shaking ride over cobblestones; a 3-minute firestorm of punk-joy with lacerating guitar propelling this song from 0-60 like a drag racer that forgot to pack a parachute.”
– Joyzine

“[The group] delivers a reimagined sound of energy & inventiveness, turning a song about self-realization into one beast of a number.”
– Ghettoblaster

“The track is a snotty punch to the face with the band’s penchant for eclectic, yet throwback vibes, cool guitars, and in your face punk lyricism.”
– Ghost Cult

“…chock full of fuzz-inflected, garage grit and a loose, contagious, surf-psych approach that hums along at a comfortable clip, until it’s time to turn up the heat.”
– The Deli Chicago 

“…tows the line between invention and pure nostalgia, reaffirming the blueprint of garage rock’s seemingly unending revival.”
– The Deli Philadelphia 

“And while Brian has a way with a hook, he’s interested in texture as much as melodic punch”
– A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

Today, Philadelphia garage punk 4-piece The Mary Veils have released “Rowhome,” the second single off their forthcoming EP Somewhere Over the Rowhome, out November 5th on PNKSLM Recordings. Glide hosted the premiere.

On the single, the band said, “The song ‘Rowhome’ came together around about the same time as ‘Home Video’ in our first few practices as a full band and was one of the first songs we tracked with Jessie Gimbel in his basement studio. We liked the raw energy of the track and Jeff Zeigler (Nothing, War on Drugs, Kurt Vile) and Cory Hanson of Wand really kept it that way when mixing it. The song itself in a way is partially about where we come from. The term Rowhome and Rowhouse is unique to our area. A story of despair not uncommon to cities and blue collar areas. We wanted you to feel that dread.”

Taking their cues from the classic punk of New York Dolls, and Johnny Thunders, the sheer energy and inventiveness of Over the Rowhome’s four tracks also brings to mind the more contemporary likes of Osees and Hot Snakes“We’re just throwing everything we think is cool into the pot and trying to cook up something with a similar flavour,” says drummer Evan Wall. Somewhere Over the Rowhome, which was mixed by Cory Hanson and seasoned Philly producer Jeff Zeigler.

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The Mary Veils Bio:

“We have so much history together. There was instant chemistry.”

At last, The Mary Veils are a band. What began as the solo project of frontman Brian Von Uff is now a fully-fledged, incendiary punk four-piece, with drummer Evan Wall, guitarist Drew Mann and bassist Justin Mansor rounding out the new lineup. Von Uff’s debut album under the Mary Veils name, 2017’s Slacker Paint (re-released by PNKSLM last year) so enthused Wall as to tempt him back behind the kit after a break from drumming, and caught the attention of Mann and Mansor of fellow Philadelphia noiseniks Hot Lunch, who quickly followed Wall in jumping on board. “And it’s been like Beatlemania  ever since,” laughs Mann.

Such is the shared musical language between the four that their first jams immediately, and almost wordlessly, bore fruit. The furious, freewheeling singles “Home Video” and “Rowhome” were amongst a glut of songs that came together at breakneck pace, and make up half of this first four-track EP from The Mary Veils as a full band, Somewhere Over the Rowhome. “I probably did it the wrong way around,” says Von Uff of the jump from solo project to four-piece. “I wish these dudes were around from the beginning, because they bring so much personality to the songs, and the new material came together really easily.”

Taking their cues from the classic punk of New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders and The Dickies, the sheer energy and inventiveness of Somewhere Over the Rowhome’s four tracks also brings to mind the more contemporary likes of Osees and Hot Snakes. “We’re just throwing everything we think is cool into the pot and trying to cook up something with a similar flavour,” says Wall. Somewhere Over the Rowhome, which was mixed by Cory Hanson and seasoned Philly producer Jeff Zeigler, will be followed next March by the first full-length album from the quartet.

For Von Uff, the EP is a crucial stepping stone on the road to realising his vision for the band. “I felt like Slacker Paint, because I did everything myself, was maybe a little too thin, or lo-fi. The EP is a good transition to the album, showcasing different sides of the band, and showing that we can do multiple things: it’s a nice introduction to some of the more musically involved stuff on the album. When I started the project, I was thinking about what my perfect band would sound like. Hopefully, we’re getting closer to that.”


01. Rowhome
02. Home Video
03. The Lark
04. No Drama

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