THE MARY TYLER WHORES release their wild video for new single ‘White Trash Girl’, out now.

THE MARY TYLER WHORES release their wild video for new single ‘White Trash Girl’, out now on Golden Robot Records.

Punk rock revolutionists The Mary Tyler Whores release their highly anticipated debut single, White Trash Girl‘, out now. The single is the first track from their forthcoming debut album ‘As Filthy As We Wanna Be’, produced by the legendary Greg Hetson of Circle Jerks and Bad Religion fame.

‘White Trash Girl encapsulates the raw energy and unapologetic spirit that defines The Mary Tyler Whores. Written by lead vocalist Frankie “Crime” Cassara, the song narrates the story of a young, resilient addict-dealer-prostitute known in the neighbourhood as White Trash Girl‘. With a blend of sarcastic humour and gritty realism, the track is a high-octane, beer-swilling, punk rock anthem that promises to resonate with its listeners. Cassara reflects, “I always admired the hustle in her survival mode. The last I saw her, she had cleaned up and moved on. I was happy for White Trash Girl, so I kept it real and wrote this song about her. I will never water down THE TRUTH!”

To accompany the single release, The Mary Tyler Whores release their mini White Trash Girl movie, shot on location in Hollywood. The music video is a tear-jerking story of triumph, heartbreak and deception, starring TV personality / host / punk-rock goddess, Erin Micklow.
Written and directed by Daryl Scott for Money $ Punk Productions, Edited and VFX by Faust at Infinivision Media, and shot by Jose Rodriguez and Veneko Media.

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The Mary Tyler Whores’ music delivers a melodic gut punch of rebellion, with White Trash Girl’ serving as the perfect introduction to their riotous sound. Their debut album, ‘As Filthy As We Wanna Be,’ promises to carry this torch forward, delivering punk rock in its rawest form to a new generation ready to embrace its unfiltered, rebellious energy.

Frankie “Crime” Cassara shares his excitement about the partnership with Golden Robot Records: “The Mary Tyler Whores are thrilled to ink a global deal with Golden Robot Records! We are grateful for this opportunity and have immense respect for the Golden Robot family for believing in our twisted vision of punk fury and extreme rock ‘n’ roll. We’re stoked to bring this circus on the road worldwide with ‘As Filthy As We Wanna Be’ in 2024!”
Reflecting on the band’s ethos, Cassara adds, “I lived and grew up around the most unorthodox people and saw the craziest shit you can ever imagine. With no discrimination, let your freak flag fly. The future of The Mary Tyler Whores is to push the limits of live performance, keeping it edgy and real!”

Punk has evolved, and The Mary Tyler Whores are leading the charge into a new era of defiant, high-energy rock. Get ready to meet the next big thing – perhaps the last big thing – in the punk rock world. Stay tuned for ‘White Trash Girl’ on June 21 and prepare for a raucous ride with The Mary Tyler Whores!

Who can arouse the world with a smile? Who can take a miserable day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Better still, who can sponsor an on-stage, punk rock, food fight, inviting fans to attend a show and pelt band members with fruits, vegetables, and yes… burgers? Better yet, did I also mention a prosthetic leg! And as the support for Iggy Pop, he is hysterically amused from the side of the stage! Well now, human evolution bred a twisted madness, leading to the undisputed batshit-craziest, punchy-punk rock band with a hint of sleaze, The Mary Tyler Whores… Howard Stern’s favourite band name, seriously.

A brutal, yet melodic gut-punch that attacks you in the middle of a venue-wreckin’ concert! It’s aggressive, it’s intimidating, it’s provocative, it’s hilarious as hell, and all begins around 2000 and sumthin in South FlOr-i-DuH with Frankie “Crime” Cassara, vocalist and lead scoundrel, Doobie Tyler Whore on guitar, and the late Joey Image (R.I.P.), original drummer for proto-hardcore pioneers, The Misfits. They were destined to influence the masses from the start, and fans quickly became infatuated with The Mary Tyler Whores’ megaton blast of twisted punk fury and famous on-stage antics like nothing you’ve seen or heard. From food fighting to ripping it up live, The Mary Tyler Whores gratefully joined some friends a’ la The Misfits (R.I.P. Joey), Iggy Pop, U.S. Bombs, GBH, The Casualties, Murphy’s Law, and The Bouncing Souls on stages to further breed their intense brand of madness.

Fast forwarding to 2023, and transplanted for over a decade to Southern California, the timing was perfect for Frankie “Crime” Cassara to meet up with his best of friends again and reawaken the savagery of The Mary Tyler Whores! Frankie buzzed Doobie first in Vegas, and they brought back four of the five members from the original band, founder- vocalist Frankie “Crime” Cassara, MTW’s co-founder- rhythm guitarist “Doobie” Tyler Whore, master beater George “Korky” Kokkoris, lead guitarist Rob Deuce, and new addition, Frankie’s longtime henchman on bass, Aaron “The Proj” Miller, and now these vagabonds are revitalized and ready to tour the world and disrupt a city near you as true punk agents of chaos.