UK Alt-rockers THE MAGIC LOTUS keep on climbing and they have just dropped a new video for the track, Change the World, 

If you are new to THE MAGIC LOTUS, then you have been missing out. The hotly-tipped alternative rock duo have a 60s influenced melodicism which is backed by a forceful grunge attack. We asked the band to talk us through some of their choice cuts that have helped to shape their sound:


  1. Muscle Museum – Muse

We grew up with this band and has influenced our sound and aesthetic in so many different ways. The sound and structure of this song are still hunting us.


  1. Knives Out – Radiohead

If we start talking about this band and their influence on our music we’ll never gonna finish. We chose this song just because it’s beautiful in any way, amazing guitar melodies and symbolism everywhere.


  1. Serve The Servants – Nirvana

Again we’ll never finish if we start talking about this band and their influence on our music. The attitude and sound of this song are just insane and it has the best intro in the history of rock & roll.


  1. Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers

In this song the unique guitar sound and stile of Fruciante are amazing! The whole band has influenced our sound a lot and mostly the way we structure our live shows.


  1. Trypes (Τρύπες) – Ακούω Την Αγάπη

We were born And raised in Greece so Greek music is as important as everything else we listen. This band has played very critical role on how we create music.

The complexity and brilliance of this band is unbelievable.

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