The Machinist // I Am Void // Album Review

The debut album from this four-piece band has arrived, from the bowels of NekroDrako and featuring members of Reign Of Erebus, this UK based extreme metal band are breaking any rules that you may have around the combination of sounds and structures of tracks.

There is nothing subtle about the band or the album and as the darkened intro builds the intensity grows before the huge sounds of Extreme Meal begin to scream through the speakers, with an industrial edge, the electronic edge provides an additional attack and a vocal that switches between highs and lows, the album doesn’t start, it explodes. The combination of instruments creates an incredible noise that is full of blackened hate.

As the album progresses this we experience differing synth sounds and drumming programs that combine to offer some extremely brutal beats including one bass that sounds like something like a hardcore dance drum,  whilst the guitars slice through the backing and create whiplashes against the bluntness however it almost summons additional darkness into the sound.

With smatterings of blast beats just to up the brutal, as if it was needed, the attack really does hit full force and with a stunning vocal section that the effects only enhance, the overall package is one of unrelenting power and blackened attacks of the Industrial nature that the band are not afraid of letting loose and unleashing utter devastation causing damage untold.

This is the kind of record that should not be listened to by the weak of mind or of heart as that infirmness will only be furthered by the stunning assault that The Machinist has managed to create for our ‘pleasure’.

I Am Void is a punisher of an album that will be added to the collection of any fan of industrial, extreme, Black, or a combination of all three genres of metal plus fans of brutal noise and would not be out of place on anyone’s most spun album piles.

The 10 tracks span roughly 53 minutes and by the end, you will feel exhausted, battered, and bruised, however, you will be begging for more as the devil laughs and reaches for the play button again.

Ed Ford


I Am Void is released Friday, Dec 4th 2020 independently.



  1. Extinction Event
  2. The Skin Is Not Enough
  3. The Sky Has Opened
  4. The Approach
  5. Bleak Affirmations
  6. Depopulate
  7. Death Cults Of Abraham
  8. Magnificent Desolation
  9. Departure
  10. Schwarzchild Radius





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