The Lylat Continuum // Ephemeral // Album Review


Formed in 2016 and featuring members of The Contortionist and Last Chance To Reason, The Lylat Continuum have spent the last 3 years creating, writing and meticulously putting together their debut album. Calculating how to go combine Progressive Death with Progressive Metal along with Melodic and Ambient Psychedelia, the band have created a story around a mobile suit pilot who has awoken to a battlefield full of the dead and due to being fatally wounded, the pilot reflects on his life as hallucinations begin to kick in as he deteriorates to his death.

The band from Denver, Colorado immediately display their goal which was to create music for everyone whilst also bending musical rules to create their own genre, Ephemeral opens with an intergalactic welcoming to set the scene perfectly. Then the Death Metal erupts in its Progressive glory that is matched with a powerful and aggressive growl from the microphone that almost has Metalcore tendencies. Just as you think that Death is sticking around, the Progressive aspects begin to blend in and before you know it, you are in this incredibly melodic and atmospheric space.

The tracks tend to span toward the Prog duration as the story meanders across the vast wilderness, exploring both the past but also finding a way to put right the mistakes of the past before his time expires. The way that the music is constructed allows for not only the music to find whatever direction it fancies but also allows your brain to escape and go on a journey as well.

The guitars are technical, mesmerising and equally brutal whenever it feels like it as the keyboards add melodic atmospherics. The synths and drums transform between brutal and hypnotising as this vast experimental offering really provides an escape from the earth.

The 3 years taken to compose this record has been worth the wait and the way that the construction has taken place is nothing short of stunning. This intelligent creation, whilst experimental, feels very natural and works brilliantly. The way that the genres bend and flow into each other seems very natural and allows you to truly get transported into the world of The Lylat Continuum.


Ed Ford


Ephemeral is self-released on February 19th.


  1. Into the Vast
    2. Zero
    3. Epyon
    4. Level 5
    5. Meta
    6. Sector Y
    7. Libra
    8. Ephemeral

The Lylat Continuum – Ephemeral Line-Up
Chrys Robb – Vocals, Keyboards
Chris Garza – Guitars, Programming
Ian Turner – Guitars
Evan Sammons (Last Chance to Reason) – Drums
Jordan Eberhardt (The Contortionist, ex- Scale the Summit) – Bass

*Guest saxophone solo on “Level 5” By Patrick Corona (Cyborg Octopus, live sax for Rivers of Nihil)




The Lylat Continuum // Ephemeral // Album Review
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