THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG Stream ‘New Organon’ Album!
New Organon, the new album from THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG is now streaming in its entirety! Invisible Oranges premiered the album and included an in-depth interview with frontman Mike Scalzi. Check it out at this location.
Stream New Organon
New Organon June 21 in North America via Cruz Del Sur Music. Purchase it at
“I didn’t want to just ‘put out another album,’” begins SLOUGH FEG vocalist/guitarist Mike Scalzi. “I remember telling people that I didn’t want to do another album just to do another album, like so often happens. So, we wrote a lot of songs and only picked the best ones.”
Such was the approach for SLOUGH FEG’s long-awaited tenth studio album, New Organon. New Organon also marks the recording debut of drummer Jeff Griffin (who split studio duties with John Dust) and joins Scalzi and longtime members Angelo Tringali (guitar) and Adrian Maestas (bass).
New Organon is another definitive statement from one of America’s most enduring and unique true metal bands, whose penchant for THIN LIZZY-inspired guitar harmonies and Scalzi’s timeless storytelling has turned albums such as 2005’s Atavism, 2007’s Hardworlder and 2010’s The Animal Spiritsinto proto-metal bedrocks.
Since the release of 2014’s Digital Resistance, SLOUGH FEG did three touring jaunts through Europe in addition to some shorter American runs, not to mention the release of the New Organon seven-inch, which was issued last year. Scalzi freely admits that real life has gotten in the way of SLOUGH FEGmaking a new LP. That, and his desire to make sure the band still sounds fresh after nine studio albums. “A lot of stuff ended up on the cutting room floor,” he says. “There were some songs we tried to work out for months but ended up dropping because they bored us. We have to be excited about new songs or there’s no point in recording them. We dropped several songs I came up with and some that the other guys came up with, too. It’s tough, but sometimes you have to be honest with yourself and the people in your band and move on when an idea is not working. So, we came up with a lot of song ideas and only kept the ones that sounded exciting for months.”
In true SLOUGH FEG tradition, there is a strong theme running throughout New Organon, which was inspired by the 1620 book published by Francis Bacon of the same name. “It presents a new version of the scientific method, as originally presented by Aristotle 2,000 years earlier,” notes Scalzi, who is also a philosophy professor at a college in California. “According to Bacon and others, the science method had remained stagnant for this long period, through the middle ages and renaissance, and needed a refresher. ‘Organon’ refers to a scientific ‘instrument’ or more literally, ‘organ.’ So, it represents a new method for scientific revolution. The songs are all basically about philosophy—from my lecture notes! It starts out talking about primitive tribal society like shamanism as the first philosophers and then proceeds though the pre-Socratics era and then Plato, Aristotle, medieval catholic theology, enlightenment and then existentialist philosophy — mostly in chronological order.”
Fans of the band’s early output when they went under the extended name of THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG will no doubt be enthused for what’s in store on New Organon. The album has a more natural, if not “rustic” feel to it, recalling the band’s halcyon Twilight Of The Idols and Down Among The Deadmen era. “Very simply, the songs are more heavy, rough and produced rawer than the last album or two,” says Scalzi. “The themes are not about technology, but about ancient philosophy and science. It’s just more metal, but in a very primitive way — but that’s sort of our specialty anyway.”
Around the release date of New Organon, SLOUGH FEG will be trekking across the United States with labelmates SANHEDRIN. “We’ll be doing ten shows on the east coast in late May/early June, right about the time when the album comes out, including New York, Boston, Baltimore and Pittsburgh,” says Scalzi. “In early August, SANHEDRIN is going to come out we’ll do another run with them up and down the west coast.”
“After 14 years, Mike Scalzi has finally put the ‘Lord’ and the ‘Weird’ back into The Lord Weird Slough Feg. But more importantly, he’s recorded and brand new LP of fantasy and historical non-fiction-inspired heavy metal.”
– Decibel
“The album is full of majestic riffs and pounding percussion; however, instead of using science fiction and fantasy as themes, Scalzi taps into the greats of philosophy.”
– Invisible Oranges
“There’s more at play throughout New Organon than riffs and leads, and it’s in the less-tangible nature of what they do that one finds their personality. The sound of struggle in Scalzi‘s vocals. The quick turns of bass and drums. The willful way in which they set their own rules and then play at breaking them. The Lord Weird Slough Feg are unique even among classic metal loyalists.”
– The Obelisk
“A wonderful mix that makes The Lord Weird Slough Feg one of the strangest and greatest metal bands on the planet almost 30 years after its founding.”
– Metal Hammer
“This album is multifaceted and multi-layered and also quite entertaining. SLOUGH FEG are not a retro band that just rehashes what has been done before. They breath new life into old forms that have been discarded by many as too simple or sentimental.”
– Metal-Temple
“A remarkable collection of music, atmosphere and intelligence. An incredible effort from an incredible band.” (9.5/10)
– The Grim Tower
“A decisive return to their more metallic, take-no-prisoners songwriting. New Organon delivers triumphantly traditional metal, the way it should be rendered.”
– Exclaim!
“Without a doubt, Slough Feg are the Weird Lords again. This is by far their most metallic album in a decade and it still retains their trademark Thin Lizzy-esque blues rock swagger that they’ve spend the last few albums honing.”
– Lair of the Bastard
“The standard for Heavy Metal with aspirations, joy and plenty of primitive energy for the next few years. People, buy this album and support this exceptional band!”
– Power Metal
“Narrative based, boasting intriguing fantastical lyrics with a stunning vocal accompaniment (up there with Bruce Dickinson and Ronnie James Dio), melody driven with galloping riffs and twin harmonies. This will certainly grow in you as it plays out, again and again and again.”
– CultMetalFlix
“Definitely the best air guitar album of 2019.”
– Metantoine’s Magickal Realm
“It’s a real breath of fresh air in a genre that usually has about as much intellectual rigor as a Dungeons & Dragons session. A metallic mind-teaser to stretch your brain.”
– Rebel Extravaganza
“A signature album for SLOUGH FEG and testifies to the mature and well-rehearsed team. The originality of the quartet remains undisputed.”
– Musik Reviews
“New Organon is a wonderfully rustic, rough masterpiece – SLOUGH FEG at their best!”
– Vampster
 “Slough Feg sound as stubborn as ever on New Organon. And that’s damn good!”
– Handwritten Mag
“With New Organon THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG combine their musical influences into a successful mix of epic heavy rock, folky elements and hard guitars. Well done, Mr. Scalzi.”
– My Revelations
“A disc for lovers of the most classic sound!”
– Dargedik
“A stunning return! Thin Lizzy..folk..indie..not! Only SLOUGH FEG!”
– Hard Rock Heavy Metal
“Candidate for disc of the year.”
– MetalBrothers
“Mike Scalzi and his colleagues once again dig deep in the old-school hard rock and heavy metal swamp of diverse influences, which they fill with cranky sound and the very finest MAIDEN / THIN LIZZY twisted guitar solos. SLOUGH FEG play in their own league.”
– FFM-Rock
“Bravely pushing boundaries.”
– Metal Crypt
“The Lord Weird Slough Feg are the best band you haven’t heard yet.”
– Ave Noctum
“The riffs keep coming thick and hard all while the gruffness of the vocals and deep percussion keep things structured.”
– Games, Brrraaains, & A Head-Banging Life
Michael Scalzi / Vocals, Guitar
Angelo Tringali / Guitar
Adrian Maestas / Bass Guitar
Jeff Griffin / Drums
Track Listing:
1 Headhunter
2 Discourse on Equality
3 The Apology
4 Being and Nothingness
5 New Organon
6 Sword of Machiavelli
7 Uncanny
8 Coming of Age in the Milky Way
9 Exegesis/Tragic Hooligan
10 The Cynic

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