THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING are an accomplished London-based rock band formed in
2010. With key influences panning from Deftones, Queens of the Stoneage and
Mastodon, through to At the Drive-In, THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING unleash a sound
that is atmospheric, hefty and engulfing. The quartet release their new EP,
Diversions, through all stores on Friday 1st June the band have also just
dropped a new video for Bottomfeeder:


To date, the impressive quartet have dropped two EPs: Directions and
Movements. Both releases have helped to cement the band’s place within the
vibrant London scene. Consecutive and constant shows around the nation’s
capital have also assisted the band’s progress and growing fanbase.

THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING are ripe to break out to the rest of the country and
beyond with their new EP, Diversions. Comprised of three killer tracks,
including their new single, Bottomfeeder – , it
is a record that demands attention. Sam West, guitarist from the band,
elaborates on the direction of the new release: “‘Diversions’ is our 3rd EP
and it’s a significant progression. It’s darker, dynamic, and certainly more
unsettling than past releases. Tracks vary in pace and tone, from the
metal-infused riffs and force of ‘Bottomfeeder’ to the fuzz-driven groove of
‘Refute’, and to the melancholy build and overdriven outro of ‘Cave’.  It is
a record that we are immensely proud of”. With rampant shows and festival
appearances in the works, stay tuned to the band’s social sites for live

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