The latest NFTs from Serenade: Ladyhawke & Strawberries And Creem




This week, the new sustainable NFT platform Serenade have unveiled products from two major players in music, singer-songwriter Ladyhawke, and Cambridge youth & music festival Strawberries and Creem. All current and future NFT drops can be accessed via the Serenade site:

Two NFTs from Ladyhawke are now available, limited to fifty editions each, displaying an image that was originally photographed by Lula Cucchiara for the Time Flies album cover shoot. Overlaid upon the image is a handwritten signature from Ladyhawke, differentiating the NFTs with either black or white pen.

A collection of seven NFTs are also now available from Strawberries and Creem, limited to two hundred editions each, with one special founders card limited to twenty editions. The collection features a series of superhero characters designed by HAM The Illustrator, inspired by the headline artists performing on the Main Stage this year. The NFTs unlock a wealth of exclusive experiences for existing ticket holders, including backstage access, meet & greets, and glamping.

The Strawberries and Creem festival NFTs are available through Serenade


These products follow from the platform announcement just over a week ago, which featured electronic act Jungle offering their first ever NFTs, including experiential packages and digital artwork based around their hugely successful 2021 album Loving In Stereo.

NFTs are also due to be released via Serenade from; ArrDee, Kaiser Chiefs, Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, The

Game, Young MA, Ride, Gary Powell of The Libertines, Scouting For Girls, Super Furry Animals, Ash, State Champs, S1mba, Muki and more.

These artists and more have partnered with Serenade due to their groundbreaking eco-friendly artist/fan-centric music platform, which aims to break down the barriers to entry surrounding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and make them easily accessible and affordable for artists and their fans.

Producing 1/44,000th of the carbon emitted by a standard NFT (or 1/10th of the energy usage of a tweet,) the eco-friendly platform uses a ‘Proof of Stake’ authentication method that is far more efficient than a direct-to-Ethereum ‘Proof of Work’ approach, and eliminates expensive ‘gas’ fees, the prohibitive costs that can be a major barrier to entry for anyone wanting to create affordable NFTs.

Purchases are made with a credit or debit card via Serenade’s innovative check out facility that has been designed to function like a standard e-commerce cart, where the creation of a digital wallet and the transfer of traditional payments into cryptocurrency is handled directly by the platform.

Fans join a community of like-minded music lovers where they can build a profile, showcase and chat about their collectibles, be confident they are not harming the environment, access affordable digital collectibles, and do all of this without knowing the first thing about NFT technology.

Founded by Australian tech entrepreneur and music fan Max Shand, Serenade’s mission is to enable artists to build closer relationships with fans while creating dynamic new revenue streams. This is accomplished via music-related digital collectibles including specially recorded tracks, limited edition artworks, intimate live performances, rare or unreleased gems, and unique documentary footage and material. Digital collectibles are purchased by fans as NFTs and can be collected and resold, with artists receiving an ongoing share of the revenues every time they change hands.

Serenade, which works collaboratively with record companies, music publishers, artist management companies and trade associations to ensure its platform respects rights and benefits all parties involved, will launch with an eclectic range of acclaimed artists who are offering exclusive and limited digital collectibles to their fans. These include, among others: Jungle, ArrDee, Kaiser Chiefs, Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, The Game, Strawberries & Creem Festival, Young MA, Ride, Scouting For Girls, Ladyhawke, State Champs, Super Furry Animals, Ash, S1mba, Muki and more.

As part of the launch of Serenade, Mercury Nominated production duo Jungle made available a series of exclusive NFTs on August 13th to accompany their third album, Loving in Stereo. Cambridgeshire, UK based Strawberries & Creem Festival are announcing The Creem League 2021, a collection of trading cards that will unlock special festival experiences and will go on sale later this month via Serenade. Teaming up with British-Namibian creative director, illustrator and music producer HAM the Illustrator and Soga World, Strawberries & Creem Festival have created 8 limited edition NFT trading cards.

Max Shand, Founder and CEO of Serenade, said, “Serenade has been built from within the music industry, for the music industry, and respecting rights & creativity is at the heart of what we do. Our ambition is to simplify and demystify the NFT process among rights holders, artists and music fans by creating an easy-to-use platform where those fans can buy amazing, affordable digital collectibles with their credit/debit cards, be confident they’re not harming the environment, exist in a community of their peers and interact, purchase, showcase, trade & promote the work of their favourite artists. We already have some incredible artists onboard and are passionate about building value for everyone involved.”

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