The Last Of Lucy // Moksha // Album Review


Formed in 2007 in Huntington Beach, The Last Of Lucy released their debut self-released EP in 2010 and the debut full length album Ashvattha was released in 2018 and now is the time for the follow up full length to be unleashed and unleashed is the apt terminology as this is like a caged animal that has smashed its way out.

As the opening track emits a sci-fi feeling atmospheric, you feel that something is stirring and then anarchy erupts. With a high pitched strained vocal sharing the mic with a deep and abrasive offering, the drums are just firing bullets at you and occasionally pulling the trigger on the blast beats. The guitars are frenetic and precise as the Tech Death just abuses you from every angle, the overall result being a mind fucking and body abusing mass of Death Tech at its finest.

As the album progresses, this continues to be the case, mixing up some tempos, by on the whole it is pretty full on and continual abuse on the structure of songs along with on your entire being. If your body was to try and move with the music, people would think you were having some sort of staccato seized as you thrash around in differing directions before changing pace and angle.

There are elements of Deathcore in some of the tracks, almost as if its battling with the Technical aspect, in more ways that your average Tech Death. There is a real blackened aggression to what The Last Of Lucy have to offer here and really is in the realms of brutality.

The 10 tracks will pummel you for around 31 minutes in total, and by the end of the album you will feel exhausted and bruised but knowing that any aching is fully worth it. In fact, you will find yourself reaching for the play button again as you realise that there is so much going on in this album that you need to give it another listen to try and take it all in.

Moksha is blistering and belting, taking no prisoners and steamrolling everything that is in the way and then pisses on the remnants of your resilience.

The Last Of Lucy have managed to make the soundtrack annihilation and as the destruction continues you can’t help but keep listening. This is an album that will be top of many people’s favourite releases of the year and we are only in February.

Ed Ford

Moksha will be released Friday 18th February 2022 via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track list
1. Moksha
2. Agni
3. Aforethought
4. Ego Death
5. Ritual Of The Abraxas
6. Parasomnia
7. Temple Of Rati
8. Ganga’s Cenote
9. Covenant
10. The Demiurge



The Last Of Lucy // Moksha // Album Review
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