The Jailbirds share fuzzy and melodically heavy track “Sludge” speaking on societal woes

The Jailbirds are a force of nature that you need to pay attention to. Not long after the release of their debut EP, The Black River, the band won the “Best Rock” category at the 2018 Mississauga Music Awards. They have molded the rock genre into something entirely their own while absorbing influence from all kinds of genres and eras of music.

Recently the band went through a lineup change, and has emerged stronger than ever before, now featuring drummer Kevin Costa, and multi-instrumentalist Hayden Trafford, and founding members, guitarist & vocalist Myke Penney and bassist Liam Hills.

Their uneasy new song, “Sludge,” was inspired musically by bands like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, grunge era type stuff, and features fuzz pedals galore. “Sludge” was just a working title at first, but it ended up fitting so well with the vibe of the song. Sludge was a perfect metaphor for the toxic behaviour that’s mentioned in the lyrics.

The lyrics are almost like some creepy old dude giving you a warning about toxic behaviour, but it’s very vague and could even sound like a conspiracy theory to someone, but they warn that the sludge (toxicity) is in everyone, and you’ve gotta keep it in check or it will consume you and you will become a monster/slave to the sludge.

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