The Hunting Birds have returned to deliver some horror-cinema influenced visuals for their pop-tinged, folk-rock single Naive Eyes; a song about paralyzing anxiety, the process of fighting those demons and escaping.

Naive Eyes is one of the foundations for The Hunting Birds, the track was written years ago and has been part of their live show since they started performing together. It offers an intimate look into the mind of front-man Connor Minervini.

“I started writing Naive Eyes when I was in high school. I’d been going through some traumatizing things for the first time, a rough break up, my parents splitting and I wasn’t handling them very well,” said Connor.

“I was sixteen and a bit in-experienced, I was unsure of myself and that invited in some demons that I wasn’t prepared for. I felt paralyzed by the anxiety I was feeling, and this song is kind of those demons taunting me while I fight to escape.”

The Hunting Birds teamed up with Perth film-make Peter Cheng to deliver a visual experience that added to the narrative of Naive Eyes, who pushed the cult-like aesthetic style.

“Throughout the time of myself that I wrote this song and was dealing with all the loss and change around me, I felt like I couldn’t move. We tried to follow that idea of fear and paralysis in the music video. It’s a montage of people trapped in still images, where they’re struggling to move.”

“Haunting country noir with an Aus-roots pulse, you could totally start a cult with, it pulls you in from the get-go.”
Nkechi Anele – triple j

“Sitting comfortable between genres, The Hunting Birds will surprise those who are expecting a folk band. Likewise, a rock band. They’re not what you expect and that’s a good thing.”
Joe Wilson – Music Insight



Darkness meets light in The Hunting Birds’ enchanting fusion of folk, rock, pop and blues. Since forming in 2015, the Fremantle five-piece have been gigging hard, appearing at major festivals including Falls Festival and Bluesfest and support internationals act like The Lumineers and Newton Faulkner.

The lead vocals of Kendra Fewster and Connor Minervini soar above the well-oiled musicianship of lead guitarist Chris Mackenzie, bassist Gwyneth Gardiner and drummer Brad Forbes who move effortlessly from dark and dirty rock to warm, melodic pop.

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