The Hu // The Gereg Deluxe Version // Album Review
The Hu // The Gereg Deluxe Version // Album Review9
The Hu // The Gereg Deluxe Version // Album Review9
The Hu // The Gereg Deluxe Version // Album Review9
The Hu // The Gereg Deluxe Version // Album Review9
The Hu // The Gereg Deluxe Version // Album Review9
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Mongolian Metal band, that’s not something your hear everyday, but The Hu are not your average Metal band. Formed in only 2016 and amassing an unbelievable 95 Million YouTube streams to date they have been on the tips of everyone’s tongues for the last year or more. Collaborating with some of the finest in the business from Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach to Lzzy Hale of Halestorm.

Their critically acclaimed album The Gereg has been rereleased as a Deluxe Version including the aforementioned tracks with Jacoby & Lzzy among others and it gives those who have been living under a rock to embrace all that The Hu bring to the genre. “I’m crazy about a Mongolian band called THE HU. “They are just the greatest thing I’ve heard in a long time. My band of the year!” – Elton John (Beats 1 Rocket Hour) 

If they’re good enough for Sir Elton who are we to argue? The amazing thing about The Hu is that they have stuck to their traditional roots, not deviated in order to resonate with a broader audience and somehow the world has embraced their traditional, Folk-inspired music described as ‘hunnu rock’ – a combination of Western heavy rock played with traditional Mongolian instrumentation such as the Morin Khuur (horsehead fiddle), Tovshuur (Mongolian guitar), Tumur Khuur (jaw harp) and guttural throat singing in their native language. This is exactly why they set themselves apart from the masses, and whilst we are well versed in many bands who have taken Folk-Melodic and Orchestral music into Metal The Hu’s sound is truly unique. 

The reimagined versions of their tracks with guest artists just bring them to another level, live also The HU have been a massive pull, on their recent tour playing one of our local hotspots they had serious competition with the mighty Steel Panther in town on the same evening, yet The Hu still played to a sold-out crowd and visually brought a stunning performance translating their sound to a captivated audience. Covid may have wiped out 2020’s live scene but you can still fully immerse yourself in the majesty that is The Gereg Deluxe Version and get yourself up to speed in Mongolian chanting for 2021 when Th Hu will once again spread their word. 

The Gereg Deluxe Version is out now via Better Noise Music. 


The Gereg (Deluxe Edition)



1.The Gereg 

2.Wolf Totem 

3.The Great Chinggis Khaan 

4.The Legend of Mother Swan 

5.Shoog Shoog 

6.The Same 

7.Yuve Yuve Yu 

8.Shireg Shireg 

9.Song of Women 

10.Wolf Totem (Remix) (Ft. Jacoby Shaddix) 

11.Yuve Yuve Yu (Remix) (Ft. From Ashes to New) 

12.Song of Women (Remix) (Ft. Lzzy Hale) 

13.Shireg Shireg (Acoustic) 

14.Yuve Yuve Yu (Acoustic)

15.Shoog Shoog (Acoustic) 

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