The HU are Mongolia’s biggest rock band; their debut album The Gereg reached #21 in the UK charts, they’ve received support from Elton John and sold out 3-months’ worth of tour dates around the world. Musically they’re a mesh of metal and Mongolian throat singing but have become a worldwide viral sensation with their videos having millions of views.

Currently the band are stranded in Australia after their tour was cut short by Coronavirus, and with the Mongolian boarder closed they have no way of getting home yet. They’re stuck in Sydney away from their families during a global pandemic, which as you can imagine is not ideal and rather stressful! They are, however, using this time to go into a studio to record new music, working on album 2 material as well as some secret stuff for a future Lucas Films project. They are trying to be creative during this difficult time, and are supporting each other through it.


The Hu Live @ The Limelight / Belfast / Northern Ireland On Their Recent Sold Out Show With Fire From The Gods.

Photography: Marc Leach for Rock ‘N’ Load

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